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"Chima has been destroyed by the Civil War—a civil war that YOU inland tribes caused. Who are you to call us terrorists for sacrificing raven lives in the name of peace, when you and the other inland tribes have been doing the same thing for centuries, before my tribe even existed?" -Bliston toRazic at the end of the Bat—Raven War.

Bliston is an RPC created by JGREAD, and is the leader of the Bats in the LMBE Chima RP continuity. He is a smart and ambitious Outland animal who believed territorial expansion was necessary for continued evolution. Bliston's philosophies changed, however, after his experiences in multiple wars, and he decided to have his tribe become Chima's first line of defense against the Manta Ray Empire, which, at the time, only the Bats knew about.


Early Life[]

Like all the other bats, Bliston had been born as a primitive creature, in the caves at the bottom of The Gorge of Eternal Depth. Before being evolved, Bliston was the first bat to discover a way out of the gorge. When the Gorillas accidentally dropped a huge amount of chi orbs into the gorge, most of the bats, Scorpions, and Spiders drank the chi and evolved into bigger, smarter, stronger beings. Bliston's parents hadn't survived the rush to evolve, but he and his sister Bratta had. After being evolved, he led his tribe out through the tunnels he'd discovered earlier, using this as an opportunity to gain power in the bat tribe. Because he led his tribe out of the terrible gorge, and because of the fact that he was the smartest bat, Bliston became the first King of the Bat Tribe. After coming up through the tunnels, the Outland animals found themselves in a strange land of mountains, jungles, and mist. Bliston organized the Bat tribe into an army, and quickly took over a third of the Outlands, as the spiders and scorpions each did the same (at some point after this, Bliston became friends with Scorm, the scorpion king). During this time, the bats and scorpions fought in small territorial wars with the spiders before agreeing on the 1/3 split, so Bliston and the other Outlanders gained war experience. Bliston set up ranks, appointing Bratta and Balthazar as his two Stewards (Balthazar, because he was the second smartest bat, and Bratta just because she was Bliston's sister).

A New Kingdom[]

As Black Mountain, the largest of the Outland Mountains, was in the center of bat territory, Bliston turned it into a headquarters for the Bat tribe. He had bat miners carve a cave mouth into the top of the mountain. The cave was made to look like a giant bat mouth (with smaller openings above resembling eyes and nostrils), with two large fangs on top and two small fangs on the bottom. Bliston changed its name to Black Fang Mountain, to reflect its new appearance and its status as the bats' HQ. To complete the mountain's transformation, Bliston had the bat miners drill holes and caves inside of the mountain. The caves served as housing units and many other purposes. Bliston's dark throne was carved out of the mountain's mysterious black rock. Soon after, Bliston married and impregnated a female bat. About a month after the creation of Bat HQ, an escaped spider criminal arrived, having avoided execution from his own tribe. The criminal spider attempted to steal weapons from the bats, only to be defeated and captured. The spider was brought before Bliston. In one last, dumb attempt at escape, the spider tried to kill Bliston, but failed. As a result, Bliston pressed the button on his throne which activated the trapdoor in the center of his throne room. The spider fell through the inescapable tunnel and landed in the sharp spikes at the bottom, dying immediately. The body of the spider criminal has since decomposed, but its skeleton is still at the bottom of the pit. Because of this event, Bliston's relationship with the spiders became strained, and he became less enthusiastic about allying with them. However, Bliston knew to not judge a whole tribe by one member, so he still somewhat had intentions to ally with the spiders.

Expeditions into Chima[]

Bliston was eager to explore the world beyond the Outlands, so he had bats routinely organize into a flying formation called the "Black Cloud" in order to view the land from above. Bliston appointed a high-ranking bat soldier named Brakket as the Black Cloud Navigator/Grand Sky General (the bat tribe's fourth in Command). The Black Cloud frequently flew over Chima and observed what was going on there. After Bliston's scouts informed him of the existence of inland tribes, Bliston realized that all the other tribes had a limitless supply of Chi, lush vegetation, and larger territories, while the bats were living in the savage and dangerous Outlands, with very little chi and less territory. Bliston became more than a little angered to find out that the inland tribes were currently using their vast resources to fight among each other in a Civil War, destroying the land they were lucky to have in the process. And so, Bliston began formulating a complex plan to personally end the war in Chima, take the chi he was deprived of, and conquer the land that the inland tribes had abused.

Alliance with the Scorpions[]

Because of Bliston's friendship with Scorm, the bats and scorpions had formed an unofficial alliance a few months after the creation of their respective HQs. However, the alliance between the two Outland tribes had a rocky start, due to the scorpions' top administrator (Scortica Breen, Scorm's elder brother) kidnapping a bat, tying up the bat's wings, and unethically forcing him to be a test subject against his will or consent (the poor bat's wings were broken as a result). Bliston was not happy when he found out about this.

Rescue Mission[]

Bliston personally led an extraction team to free the illegal test subject from captivity. Ten Wing Strikers blasted at the wall in the Sector C Testlabs of an exterior tram tunnel of Aperture Mesa that was located on the border of bat territory. The wall was damaged, but wasn't destroyed until one of the Wing Strikers purposely kamikazied into it, after the unscathed pilot had flown off. Bliston, the 9 remaining Wing Strikers, and the other bats on the team (including Brakket) flew through the opening they made, splitting up as they moved through the underground facility tram tunnels. Bliston blasted any scorpions who got in the way of his modified Wing Striker, and eventually found the room containing the prisoner. After ripping the door of the room off with his Wing Striker's front wing claws, he used those wings to grab the captive bat and pull him out of the room, regrouping the Bats as they escaped. The 8 remaining Wing Strikers (one had been destroyed by Supreme General Scorpix in his stinger tank) left, along with two scorpions taken prisoner, as Brakket threw a small grenade into the tunnel, completely destroying it and blocking any way in or out from that area. After having a Wing Striker take the rescued bat back to Black Fang Mountain, Bliston waited patiently in the Outland jungles with the other bats, the captive scorpions, and the 7 Wing Strikers still there. But a Scorpion Scientist followed the bats after noticing this raid and the kidnapping of two other scientists. That man donning his signature H.O.E.V. Suit, was Scorden Freeman.

Formation of the Empire[]

Bliston had left a handwritten letter to the Scorpions, informing them of the two capture soldiers. In the letter, Bliston arranged a deal that would ensure the return of the scorpions, as well as good relations between the Bats and Scorpions from that point forward. Scorpix found the letter and gave it to Scortica. Scortica angrily ignored the terms of the letter, but Scorpix, recognizing the benefits, told King Scorm that it was "merely a misunderstanding with the bats" (as Bliston had requested in his letter). Meanwhile, soldiers sent by Scorpix agreed to the letter's terms, and the two scorpions were let free as the bats returned to Black Fang Mountain. After these negotiations ensured everlasting loyalty between the Bats and Scorpions, Bliston and Scorm contacted each other and finally formed an official alliance between the two tribes. This was how the Crawler Empire was formed (Scorm came up with the name "Crawler", while Bliston made it an empire).

Bat—Raven War[]

By that time, the civil war in Chima had been dragging on far longer after the Battle of Lion City stopped. Rawlin was persistent in trying to destroy the Eagle Tribe no matter what. Even the patient Bliston eventually became fed up and decided to intervene. Bliston became enraged at Rawlin's continued illogical actions, and took his army to Eagle Spire, piloting his new command ship, theBat Javelin. The Bat army attacked the Talon Industries ravens there, temporarily joining forces with the Eagles and the WRM ravens. With three armies fighting them, the TI ravens didn't stand a chance; all of their flying vehicles were destroyed, and their damaged MMSC drifted into the Iron Mountains.

Duel with Rawlin[]

Bliston left the Bat Javelin and flew into the room of the spire that Rawlin was in (after a Wing Striker had ejected its pilot and crashed into it). A bat took the injured eagle leader to his hospital, while Bliston held a sword at the neck of Rawlin's mother, Erlin, and demanded Rawlin duel him. After Rawlin accepted the duel, Bliston tossed Erlin out the window and engaged in a furious duel of the fates with Rawlin. Both of the chi-powered fighters flew through and around Eagle Spire as they clashed, eventually coming to a reconstruction zone. As Rawlin's chi power waned and eventually ran out, Bliston was still immensely powerful, so he smashed Rawlin through a stone wall. Bliston followed through the wall, and as Rawlin tried to get back up, Bliston broke the warmonger's wing with his bare hands, rendering Rawlin unable to fly. Bliston grabbed Rawlin by the wing and tossed him into another wall (this one fractured on first impact, but wasn't destroyed yet). Then, with his last bit of chi energy, Bliston kicked Rawlin through the wall, breaking a hole open in it and blasting Rawlin out of the spire. Rawlin fell into the mist surrounding the spire, and disappeared.


After defeating Rawlin, Bliston was smashed through the same wall by the arm of an eagle construction vehicle piloted by a vengeful Erlin. The pilots of the Bat Javelin immediately destroyed the crane and killed Erlin, but Bliston fell into the fog and disappeared. Soon, the scorpion scientist Scorden Freeman arrived at Eagle Spire and attempted to turn the eagles against the bats, with a minor eagle commander by the name of Edessa Cubbage, only to fail due to Brakket using his superior marksmanship and shooting down the small team, and Freeman was driven off. All of the scattered Wing Strikers in the skies around the spire regrouped and flew back to Bat HQ.

Cold War[]

Although the bats had been winning the war with the ravens, both sides became stuck at a stalemate after the loss of their leaders. Following the disappearance of Rawlin and Bliston, most of the remaining TI ravens regrouped in Raven HQ, only to be outnumbered by the WRM ravens there. As the civil war among the ravens continued, the bats went on with Bliston's plan. Meanwhile, Bliston was seen flying through the fog above the Iron Mountains. He was attacked by the lion pilot Leonard, who mistook Bliston for a raven. Bliston destroyed the wing of Leonard's jet and caused it to crash into the Arctic Northern Region beyond the Iron Mountains. This was also where the MMSC had crashed. After plugging chi and swallowing an additional orb, Bliston powered up, hooked a chain to the MMSC, and managed to pull it back up into the skies of Chima. Bliston and the bats inside the MMSC (having triumphed over the ravens and dumped them into the northern regions) rendezvoused with the Bat Javelin and the bats who'd collected spiderwebs. When the group met up in the Iron Mountains, Bliston took all the vehicles inside the MMSC. The MMSC glided to Mount Cavora using its single remaining booster, and the bats used the spiderwebs to block the chi falls and steal all the chi. They concealed themselves in the MMSC as they did so, tricking most of the inland animals into thinking the ravens stopped the chi falls (for this was part of Bliston's plan). The Bat army then attacked Raven HQ, and after evacuating the bats, removing the chi, and filling it with explosives, Bliston crashed the MMSC into the raven HQ's main tower. This caused a huge explosion, completely destroying the MMSC, the tower, and all the TI ravens inside. Bliston and the bats then powered up with their new, huge chi supply, and opened fire on the wrecked raven city, completely destroying it all. They then returned to Bat HQ, where Bliston praised Balthazar for his time leading the bats, and promoted him to Grand Admiral of the Bat Navy.

Time Between Wars[]

Having won the Bat—Raven war and drained Cavora of its Chi, Bliston and the bats were at peace for a time. After Grand Admiral Balthazar left for Bat Island and Scorpix returned to Scorpion Cavern Castle, Prince Scorpio remained in Bliston's throne room and started to whine and pester Bliston. Bliston started to lose his patience and was going to press the button that activated the trapdoor, but decided not to upon remembering that Scorpio was Scorm's son. Bliston became annoyed when Scorpio refused to admit his reason for coming to Black Fang Mountain. Bratta started acting crazy and ranting about "woman's touch" and wanting to kill Scorpio (Bliston didn't know at the time, but this was due to the fact that Bratta had currently been mind-controlled by Scrin). Bliston became fed up, and two Black Overwatch Civil Protection units seized and subdued Bratta, while two others did the same with Scorpio. Bliston ignored Bratta's meaningless insults and ordered the guards to take her to the therapist's cave for anger management therapy, while Scorpio was removed from the HQ. Third-in-Command Barney Balhoun entered the throne room and talked with Bliston about Bratta. Barney revealed that he was infatuated with Bratta, and Bliston remarked to him that "perhaps you can talk some sense into her". Wolves had arrived to the HQ for negotiations, but changed their minds and left, accidentally dropping a dagger in the throne room on their way out. A bat picked up the dagger and showed it to Bliston, who let the bat keep it. Soon, Bliston once again left with his army, the soldiers now wearing the new upgraded armor. Bliston and Brakket left Barney in charge of the HQ. Barney complained about this until Bliston explained why it was to be this way via radio.

Forest Fire Rescue[]

On their way to the rendezvous point with the scorpion army (who had received their share of fresh chi) in another part of the Outlands, Bliston (piloting the repaired and refurbished Bat Javelin) and the bats flew above a forest fire in the Outland jungles. Bliston commented that, if spiders were trapped in the fire, the spider tribe would surely be in his debt for rescuing his citizens, and would ally with the bats as a result. However, Bliston soon discovered that they were the other type of arachnid. Nevertheless, Bliston and the bats saved the remaining scorpion scientists there by pouring water over the fire from their vehicles. The scorpions were thankful for the rescue, which strengthened the bond between bats and scorpions even more.

Crawler Empire Assembled[]

The scorpion army eventually arrived at the rendezvous point (albeit much later than the bats) and gathered with the bat army. Bliston flew into the air and gave a speech to the assembled empire about why they needed to conquer more territory in order to survive as a civilization, and why they therefore had to defeat any inland tribes who attempted to fight them. After Bliston's motivating speech, the soldiers of the two armies powered up with their huge amount of chi, and moved westward for conquest.

Great Desert Takeover[]

After crossing over the Outland mountains that divided the two regions of Chima and the Outlands, the Crawler Empire arrived in the Great Desert, and quickly conquered the mostly uninhabited region. Having already defeated the ravens there, the bats claimed the outpost that the wolves had abandoned. After that, the only inland tribe still in the Great Desert was the gorillas. Scorm introduced his new scorpion Air Force to Bliston, as the vehicles obliterated the chi-deprived gorilla outpost. As the remaning gorillas fled, Scorm bragged about his flying vehicles, only to be cut off mid-brag by Bliston, who verbally revealed the existence of the brand new Bat Super-Tanks, which were faster than the average scorpion tank. Scorm shot back that he had a son and Bliston didn't, but Bliston revealed that his wife was currently pregnant with his heir. Meanwhile, the bats and scorpions, having conquered the Great Desert, began constructing towers and walls in the region, all decorated proudly with the Crawler Empire's flag.

Chima Alliance—Crawler Empire War[]

Also known as the "Inland—Outland War", this conflict was between the Crawler Empire (comprised of the bats and scorpions) and the Chima Alliance (comprised of the wolves, lions, ravens, minor tribes, bears, and gorillas). The Rhinos also took part in the war, despite not officially being part of an alliance yet.

Battle of Bear HQ[]

The bat and scorpion armies moved southwest to takeover the bear forest. When they approached the Bear Cave, Bliston told Blitz Bridger that the land would belong to the Crawler empire, and that the bears could either fight back or retreat. Bliston said that either choice would be honorable. When Blitz chose to stay and fight, Bliston and Scorm moved forward with their attack. Since the Bears were deprived of chi like the other inland tribes, the Crawler Empire was winning the battle, and any bears either retreated or were defeated. While there, Bliston received secret radio messages from a rhino known as Putin, who asked for the Crawler Empire's help in taking over the Rhino tribe. He also informed Bliston that the rhinos would join the Crawler Empire after he took them over. Bliston agreed to this deal, and awaited more messages. Bliston then continued fighting the bears. However, Bliston had to leave to personally negotiate with the gorillas.

Negotiations with Gorbav[]

Bliston flew to Gorilla HQ with two bats piloting Wing Strikers. There, he explained to gorilla leader Gorbav that, unlike the scorpions, the bats figured out that the gorillas had dropped the chi into the gorge that had evolved the Outland tribes. As such, Bliston told Gorbav that the Crawlers would not takeover gorilla territory, as long as the gorillas didn't attack them. Bliston apologized on behalf of Scorm, due to Scorm's earlier behavior when "negotiating" with gorillas, and promised to deliver a small but substantial amount of chi to the gorilla jungle. He and Gorbav shook hands, and the deal was sealed.

Fall of the Bear Cave[]

Bliston returned to the former bear forest (now the Crawler Empire's forest) in time to see the bear cave be destroyed from the inside. After the cave fell, Bliston flew down and asked Scorpix what had happened. Scorpix explained that he'd been fighting Blitz inside the cave, but he was blasted out while Blitz fought ten scorpion soldiers, and that the weight of the scorpion tank being slammed against the wall must've made the cave collapse. Bliston wondered weather Blitz was alive or deceased. As the remaining bears retreated to their new HQ Blitz Base, the Crawler Empire took over the unclaimed land to the west of the forest; since no one owned the land, it was immediately claimed by the Crawlers. As Bliston oversaw construction projects in his empire's new territory, he received more messages from Putin, updating him on the current state of the situation at Rhino HQ.

Return to Black Fang Mountain[]

Soon, Bliston found out that his son had just been born. Bliston returned to his kingdom in time to meet the newborn Prince Bernard, but apologized to his wife that he wasn't able to be there when the baby was born. His wife said it was alright, and that she understood. Very soon after Prince Bernard was born, the new Bat Super-Tanks were finally completed, and the first wave of twenty was sent out as production doubled on the rest. Sometime later, Bliston approved Dr. Benjamin's expedition into the Arctic North, but did not allow his head scientist to bring more members of the Bat Tribe, since Bliston cared deeply for the well-being of individual bats. Soon after Benjamin departed, Bliston received the awaited message from Putin, informing him that the lion army had mobilized in Rhino territory. Bliston said that he would gather three of The 4 Supreme Crawler Commanders (Barney, Brakket, and Scorpix), and they'd lead the Crawler Empire on the front lines. As the commanders regrouped in the Great Desert, Bliston was shown the new Black Overwatch Spider Strider vehicle, but he was more interested in a bat mobile-like car that was zooming out of Black Fang Mountain. Bliston asked to see who the designer of the car was. Bliston's newborn son also got excited upon seeing the car. Unfortunately, Bliston couldn't locate the designer of the car.

War and Peace[]

Little did Putin know, the invasion was actually orchestrated by Bliston to distract and weaken the Lion Army while he prepared to annex Eagle territory into the Crawler Empire. The invasion also served to prove or disprove the competency and loyalty of Barney's forces. During the battle, Bliston received a message from Putin informing him of the failure of the rhino rebellion, but Bliston revealed that the attack was a diversion before the empire claimed its true target, and that Putin was a pawn in Bliston's plan. Bliston eventually had Scorpix and Brakket take the bat and scorpion armies out of the battle so they could go to Eagle territory. Meanwhile, Bliston received a ransom letter from the lions informing him that they had Scorm and Scorpio (who were previously believed to be dead). Bliston sent back a reply letter to negotiate for peace. Part of Bliston's deal was for the lions to assassinate Scortica, in order to eliminate the infighting among the Crawler Empire's leaders. Bliston also received a letter from Rhino Queen Rixia Rolex asking for peace. Bliston sent back an agreement letter. In the letter, he informed the queen that he would extract Black Overwatch from the territory if they proved themselves by surviving the next few hours. When this happened, Bliston told Barney via hologram that Black Overwatch had passed the test, and ordered them to leave, ending the battle of Rhino HQ. Bliston also secretly ordered Barney to form a blockade around eagle territory.

More Negotiations[]

Bliston received a response from Queen Rixia, who suggested that the peace meeting be in the neutral Gorilla territory. Bliston agreed, and, having no more use for Putin, informed Rixia of the rebel's code name, to make it easier for the rhinos to find and capture him. Bliston was disappointed to learn of a battle with Forgotten and lion forces in the conquered bear territory. Through the speaker towers, Bliston asked for the forces to negotiate for peace, and ordered the Black Overwatch troopers there to leave. Soon, Bliston sent a negotiator there to make the area a non-war zone for both bears and crawlers to live peacefully. With that over with, Bliston flew back to Gorilla territory with two Wing Striker escorts to negotiate with Rixia. The negotiations were successful, and Bliston soon flew to the blockade of Eagle territory.

Annexation and more Meetings[]

Bliston flew to the top of Eagle Spire and planted a Crawler Empire flag next to the Eagle Tribe flag, declaring that it would become shared land between the Crawlers and Eagles. Along with many other bats, Bliston flew into the Eagle library to research Chima's history, particularly the legends of the Phoenix, where he met Gen Kai Shek. Bliston was summoned once again to Gorilla HQ by Gorbav, soon after sending Bat and Scorpion Ambassadors there at Gorbav's request. Bliston arrived in the jungle with escorts, but he was asked to leave his bodyguards and weapons outside a cave, just as Gorbav did the same. Bliston entered the cave, and had his guards (one a bat, one a scorpion) take his weapons out of the cave. Gorbav led Bliston into a tunnel within the cave, where they descended. Bliston observed the old art on the walls, and talked with Gorbav as they descended deeper into the tunnel. At the last room, Gorbav showed Bliston a well where he spoke to a Phoenix ghost, and Bliston gained confirmation that the Phoenix were indeed able to restore the chi falls of Mount Cavora. Gorbav then betrayed and arrested Bliston, violating the terms of their past treaty in the process. Gorvan then arrived, and Bliston, believing these beings were not worth his effort to fight, willingly obliged to the capture. He was later transported to a hidden location, which was masked with clones (fake Bliston replicas) and perfumes. While listening to the surounding sounds with his naturally strong hearing, Bliston eventually deduced that he was in a high security prison. He then meditated, contemplating the fact that he now knew how to restore the chi falls, and finding amusement in the fact that the inland tribes imprisoned him before he could restore their falls. Bliston continued to patiently meditate, having heard Scorponok approaching through the jungle.

Interview and Rescue[]

When Lewis Luggington arrived at Gorilla HQ, he requested an interview with Bliston. Bliston agreed, and answered Lewis' recorded questions that'd been sent to his cell. Bliston then read many Gorilla tribe history books, gaining a better understanding of their culture, before Scorponok came down through the air vent in the cell. Scorponok introduced himself and continued through the air vents with Bliston. A saw blade fan turned on and sucked the two Crawlers close, but Scorponok melted it with his acid blaster. They then entered a seemingly abandoned hallway, where a Gorilla guard confronted them. Scorponok melted the guard's gun with an acid blast. Four Forgotten gorillas then arrived and attempted to convince Bliston and Scorponok to aid them in their fight against The Combine, but Scorponok stung them, bringing them under his mind control. Scorponok proceeded to command the brainwashed Forgotten gorillas to knock the gorilla guard unconscious. Bliston then continued down the abandoned hallway with Scorponok and the four mind-controlled gorillas.

Encounter with Rawlin[]

The group entered an abandoned mess hall in the prison that'd been ravaged by a recent earthquake. Rawlin burst through a doorway on the other side of the mess hall, and as Bliston walked down the stairs from the catwalk, he expressed his surprise at the raven's survival after their duel at Eagle Spire. Rawlin attacked Bliston, but Scorponok acted as a bodyguard. Scorponok was injured after another raven joined the fight, and Bliston picked up the stomper Scorpion, flying out a broken window as Scorponok commanded the brainwashed gorillas to keep the ravens busy. Scorponok soon requested that Bliston drop him off, and Bliston flew above the Great Desert on his way to Black Fang Mountain, happy to see the many Crawler cities there. Bliston was attacked in the air by Rawlin in his Raven raider jet, but the Crawlers below noticed this and opened fire with the anti-air turrets in the cities, allowing Bliston time to fly away into the Outland Mountains.


Bliston returned to Black Fang Mountain, finding it surrounded by Gorilla forces. A bat reported to Bliston that the gorillas demanded a treaty be signed. Bliston scoffed at this, saying that the last time he signed a treaty with the gorillas, Gorbav betrayed and imprisoned him. Bliston coldly ordered the entire bat army (with the exception of the Bat Navy, and the former Overwatch bats in Eagle territory) to open fire and bomb the gorillas, destroying their blockade. The gorillas then retreated back to their jungle, and Bliston began planning a peace treaty to present to the Ravens, Lions and Minor Tribes, only to see an enormous white shape approaching from the north.

Crawler—Ice Hunter War[]

Upon being contacted by Badrar and informed of the scorpion army's recent defeat at the hands of the Vultures, Bliston commented on the presence of the white shape from the north and the change in temperature. The white shape turned out to be Icestrike's Ultimate Glacier, and the bats succumbed to a brutal attack from the Icebears. The icebears defeated the bat army and froze all of Black Fang Mountain in order to fulfill The Prophecy of Black Mountain. Bliston freed Bratta from Bat prison, and took the Bat royal family near the top of the mountain, where a repurposed Overwatch dropship awaited. Icestrike jumped onto the mountain and dueled Bliston, who'd plugged chi. Bliston used his chi-enhanced bat sonar screech to blast his family into the dropship just before being frozen by Icestrike. And so, Bliston sacrificed himself in order for his wife, son, and sister to escape his fallen HQ. The family met The Chi-Man soon after; Bliston's wife fell out of the dropship and was frozen, but Bratta and Bernard were safely placed in the care of Scrin and Balthazar, respectively.


Unlike the other frozen bats, who were taken into the prison of Icestrike's Ultimate Glacier, Bliston was put in Icestrike's own throne room, where Icestrike forced the Crawler king to watch his empire fall. While a frozen prisoner, Bliston was still able to hear what was going on outside of the ice that encased him, so when Icestrike's Glacier and the Icebears attacked the Valley of Balance, Icestrike gave his captive a very biased account of the Icebear–Leopard War. Icestrike also explained the Prophecy of Black Mountain, revealing why the Icebears had needed to attack and freeze Bliston's HQ. In his mind, Bliston was then able to piece together a general unbiased understanding of how the Icebear—Leopard War went. Eventually, the Ultimate Glacier, which had been damaged in the Battle of the Valley of Balance, pulled back into the Iron Mountains, and soon after, Icestrike was contacted by the Brotherhood of Vultures. The vultures arranged to transfer all their frozen prisoners to Icestrike's HQ due to a group of scorpions with fire chi. Icestrike eagerly agreed, and the frozen Scorpix was placed next to Bliston in Icestrike's throne room, along with Lincoln, Lewis Lugginton, other leaders of small sub-factions, and the highest-ranking frozen ravens.

Rescue and Revenge[]

Later, Bliston was surprised to see Brakket break into Icestrike's throne room. As Brakket, armed with a sword lit on fire, was preparing to face off against the enraged Icestrike, the wall of Icestrike's throne room (the side of the Glacier) exploded open in a burst of fire. Weilding the power of fire chi, many lions, leopards, bats, and scorpions (including Scorponok and Scorpio) charged into the throne room, melting Bliston and the other prisoners free. Leodus freed Bliston, and Bliston realized that he must be the King of the Leopards. Icestrike lunged, roaring, at Leodus, but the fire warriors blasted him back and through the other wall of the throne room. As Scorponok freed Scorpix and talked with Leodus about the battle in the lower part of the Glacier to rescue the other frozen prisoners, Bliston decided he wanted no part in the battle, and flew out the hole in the wall with his weapons. Brakket and the other bats followed. In the sky above the Iron Mountains, Bliston witnessed the massive battle below, as the fire-powered forces and vehicles of Scorponok, Leodus, and Lycor not only freed the hundreds of frozen prisoners, but also ended up completely destroying the Ultimate Glacier. The melted pieces of the Icebear HQ (as well as the prisoners rescued from it) were scattered throughout the Iron Mountains and the Arctic north, where the bats and most of the leopards regrouped. Bliston flew down to Leodus, and without words, the Leopard King nodded and tossed an orb of fire chi to Bliston. When he plugged it into his harness, Bliston's clothes were transformed into a suit of red and gold Phoenix armor identical to those worn by the bats, lions, and scorpions who'd already had fire chi. Bliston's weapons also became fire powered. Flying into the air, Bliston flew through the remains of the Icebear HQ, striking down and blasting the scattered Icebears. After destroying what remained of the Glacier with his solo aerial bombardment, Bliston found Icestrike on the ground, and body slammed his enemy through an ice wall in the ruins of the Glacier. Landing on the ground, Bliston engaged in a furious duel with the Icebear King, until Bliston smashed Icestrike into the ground with his axe. Giving a few last words to Icestrike, Bliston slashed at his face, destroying the left eye of the King. Bidding Icestrike farewell, Bliston left his defeated enemy alive, flying away with the other bats.

Battle of the Arctic[]

Bliston flew above the other bats (who'd now all plugged fire chi), and reminded them of the huge tropical island Balthazar had discovered during his travels on the West Sea, as well as the scout ship of an unknown species that Balthazar had encountered and destroyed, which had come from a western empire planning on conquering the continent comprised of Chima, the Outlands, and the north. Bliston announced that, after rescuing the missing Dr. Benjamin, the entire Bat population would migrate to New Bat Island (where the remainder of the Bat Fleet was waiting for them), where the Bat Tribe would build a new HQ and fleet, creating a defense force capable of protecting the eastern continent from the unknown Empire. A while after setting up camp at the foot of the Ice Mountains bordering the Arctic from the Northern Outland Mountains and the Wastelands, Bliston met with two of his scouts, who reported that Benjamin wasn't in the HQ of the Mammoths. Bliston decided that the Sabertooth Tigers must've frozen Benjamin, and announced to the bats that they'd find the Sabertoothes' HQ and rescue Benjamin at once. The bats prepared to set out, only to be attacked by the forces of Malgus and the Mammoths. As the bats battled the mammoths, Bliston was caught off guard by Malgus' magic abilities, but continued to hold his ground against the wizard. Suddenly, the Empire of Balance attacked from the south, fighting both fire and ice forces. As he dueled Vamprah, the confused Bliston asked why the Leopards and their allies were attacking the bats now, after freeing them from the Glacier not long ago. Through sign language, Vamprah explained that the presence of the fire-powered Bats in the Arctic upset the natural Balance of the Elements just as much as the Ice Hunters' presence in the south had. Bliston explained why the bats were in the north, and he and Vamprah came to an agreement, combining their forces to push the Mammoths into retreat.

Battle of Saber Mountain[]

The Bat Tribe and the Empire of Balance marched to Saber Mountain, where they launched an all-out attack. While at first struggling against the defense of Senix and the reinforcements sent by King Finglor, the bats were able to fly up to the sabertooth jaw gate entrance at the top of the mountain. The Vulture, Leopard, and Bat vehicles kept most of the Sabertooth forces at the mountain occupied as Bliston and the other bats who weren't piloting vehicles attempted to enter the mountain. Wing Strikers propped open the jaw gate long enough for Bliston and his strike force to fly through the entrance. They fought their way down to the prison section of the mountain, where they unfroze Benjamin, Rex, and a Peacock. As the former two plugged fire chi, the group flew back up to escape the mountain. When they got to the closed entrance at the top, Bliston and the others were ambushed by Senix, and zapped to the walls of the tunnel by the wizard's energy lightning. Senix was blasted from behind by Benjamin, and hit the switch that opened the jaw gate as he was knocked unconscious. Bliston and the others flew out of Saber Mountain, and pulled back south.


The Bat and Imperial forces regrouped just north of the Iron Mountains, and Bliston thanked Vamprah for his help, promising in accordance of their deal to never return to the Arctic. As the vultures and leopards went back down to the Valley of Balance, the bats gave the rescued peacock, Petricoff, a Wing Striker and directions to the Phoenix Islands, so he could earn fire chi for his species, as the Naval Bats had.

The Great Migration[]

As Petricoff flew away in the Wing Striker, Bliston gave the bats a short speech explaining that the Naval Bats who hadn't been frozen had taken their ships to New Bat Island and set up the colony (which the other Naval Bats—who'd earned fire chi from the Phoenix Islands—had told Bliston upon rescuing him), and that now that they'd rescued the last frozen bat, Dr. Benjamin, it was finally time to begin the Great Migration of the Bat Tribe. Piloting his now fire chi-powered Bat Javelin once more, Bliston flew southwest above the sea, and the other bats followed. Rex, who'd decided to pledge his allegiance to the Bat Monarchy, went with them, and together, they flew to New Bat Island.

Balthazar City[]

Upon arriving at New Bat Island and reuniting with the other naval bats, who'd already built a dock, Bliston oversaw the construction of Balthazar City, the new HQ of the Bat Tribe. The construction of the city went fast due to almost the entire tribe working on it at once. Entering the throne room of his new castle, Bliston sent his ward, Rex, east with a few bats, to act as mainland ambassadors for the Bat Tribe. Soon after, Bliston was visited as he sat on his throne by a chi ghost of Gorbav, who'd died of a heart attack in the Gorilla HQ at the same time Bliston destroyed his blockade. Due to his recent experiences, Bliston wasn't surprised to see a ghost at that point, so he talked with Gorbav. Bliston at first assumed that Gorbav's ghost had been part of Balthazar's chi ghost army the naval bats had told him about, but the deceased president explained that he'd materialized as a ghost himself, and was not among that group. When Gorbav asked Bliston if he was still mad at the gorilla for imprisoning him, Bliston replied that he wasn't anymore, since being frozen by the icebears was much worse, and the gorillas had treated him better. Bidding him farewell, Gorbav's chi ghost faded away, and Bliston flew outside, to the courtyard in front of the castle.


There, he went to the fountain in the middle of the courtyard, where his wife and Prince Bernard, now a year old, sat. A newly constructed Balthazar statue stood in the center of the fountain. Bliston lamented that he wished Balthazar was still alive, before being notified by a bat that his sister and Barney Balhoun just arrived on New Bat Island, where Bratta was giving birth in Balthazar city's hospital. Bliston flew to the hospital, where Barney, now Bratta's husband, greeted him and pleaded the King's forgiveness for his earlier betrayal of the tribe. After confirming that his new brother-in-law was being genuine, Bliston forgave him, but denied Barney of his original high rank, demoting him to the lowest military rank in the Bat Tribe. Bliston and Barney then entered Bratta's delivery room, where Bratta was laying with her newborn twins, a male and female bat. Greeting Bliston, Bratta asked him to name her and Barney's children. Bliston sat down, taking in the sudden events, and came up with the names Belkor for the boy (named after a shortened version of Bliston's last name, and Bratta's former last name, Belkoroth), and Belris for the girl. The names were well-received by Barney and Bratta, but Bliston asked them what had happened to them after Bratta was teleported from the troop transport by Scrin (as one of the bats had told him about that after Bliston was rescued).


Bratta explained that she'd been teleported to some alternate dimension, where she was reunited with Barney, before Scrin sent them both back to Chima to participate in The Uprising. Bratta then explained that they survived the destruction of the Scorpion Cavern Castle, and broke free of Scrin's control, leaving the Forgotten. Bliston tried to learn more about the alternate dimension, but Bratta and Barney had only been there for a short time, and neither knew exactly where or what it was. Bliston bid farewell to the family, but told Barney that he'd need to tell them something later, after they recuperated enough to leave the hospital. Bliston gave them directions to his castle, and flew back there. Soon after Bliston sat back down on his throne, Barney arrived in his throne room, and Bliston realized that Barney had followed him. Deciding that Barney could relate the information to Bratta later, Bliston explained all that the Bat Tribe knew of the western empire. Bliston asked Barney to keep that knowledge only to fellow bats and the bats' closest allies (like Rex) for the time being. Barney and Bliston then began discussing ways to further expand the Bat Tribe's power on the West Sea, as Bratta arrived in the throne room. Eventually, bats notified Bliston that Scorm himself had supposedly landed on New Bat Island, appearing very much alive. Bliston had them bring the old Scorpion King to his throne room. Bliston asked Scorm who exactly had killed him, who revived him, and how he got to New Bat Island. Scorm told Bliston that Scordon Freeman had killed him, and Scrin resurrected him. Bliston told Scorm about the new Forgotten colony on the small "Scordon Island" a mile south of New Bat Island. Scorm was eager and impatient to go to Scordon Island to search for Freeman, but Bratta grew extremely annoyed by his ranting, and grabbed the scorpion by his tail, throwing him out the front window of the throne room. As Bratta left, Bliston calmly explained to the dumbfounded bat guards that, if Scorm was truly back as a zombie, he'd survive the fall, and if it was an impostor, he'd receive what he deserved for impersonating a deceased king.

Rehabilitation of Scorm[]

Bliston sent bats to recover Scorm's body from the courtyard in front of his castle. Upon examination from Dr Benjamin, the scorpion was confirmed to be a zombie of Scorm, since he'd survived the fall without injury. Scorm was taken back to Bliston's throne room while the window was being replaced, and Bliston asked his old friend why and how Scrin sent him to New Bat Island. Scorm stated that he'd fallen to the island from a "black void" after being revived by Scrin, and that a fiery bird had tried to catch him on his way down. Scorm also asked about the status of his wife and son. Bliston explained that the fire bird Scorm had seen was a phoenix, and told Scorm that he didn't know if his wife survived the destruction of Scorpion Cavern Castle. Bliston explained how he'd heard that Scorpio had been rescued from Lion City, and had rebuilt the Scorpion Tribe in the Outlands after helping to rescue the frozen bats and scorpions from Icestrike's Ultimate Glacier. Bliston commented that Scorm would be proud of his son, if he saw the extent to which Scorpio reinvigorated the Scorpion Tribe. However, Scorm then broke down, revealing that he'd been an abusive father and husband before the goal of conquering lands in Chima gave him focus. Bliston had Scorm walk with him out of the castle, to the natural chi spring in the middle of the island. Bliston stated that they'd all done things they regretted, reminding Scorm of the Bats' theft of Cavora's chi. Bliston then speculated that, though he personally didn't trust Scrin, perhaps the man and the phoenix had transported Scorm to New Bat Island so that he could be "replenished" or "enlightened" by plugging chi from a new source. Bliston gave Scorm an orb of chi from the pool, and the scorpion plugged it, indeed feeling reinvigorated. Bidding Scorm farewell in the jungle, Bliston then returned to his castle to meet with wolves who'd arrived on New Bat Island.

Affairs with the Wolf Tribe[]

After returning to his throne room, Bliston admitted in Countess Wendy, who proposed a trade deal, and for the Wolves (now part of a new alliance called Unichi, with the Gorillas and Republic of the Claw) to establish an embassy off the coast of New Bat Island. Bliston agreed, and had a lighthouse tower built on a small islet nearby. However, Wendy also told Bliston that a wolf criminal wearing some kind of experimental suit had crashed on New Bat Island, and that she was also there to look for him. Bliston told her that the Bats would help to capture the fugitive, since he posed a danger to the island. After Wendy and the others left for their embassy islet, Bliston locked down New Bat Island, to prevent the fugitive from escaping. He sent out heavily armed search parties of bats to hunt down the rogue wolf, but when no sign of the wolf was found after a while, Bliston had the Bats proceed with the construction of the fire chi powered Second Fleet, which was completed soon before Barney, having gone through basic Bat military training again, returned to Bliston's throne room, exclaiming that he'd likely reach his original rank soon. Bliston snapped at his brother-in-law in response, but apologized, explaining that he'd had an eventful and stressful day. Barney then proposed that he could catch the fugitive wolf, leaving the throne room. Soon after, another Wolf Tribe helicopter flew to the island. Wol'jin, the new Alpha of the Wolves, disembarked from the helicopter once it was cleared for landing, and came to Bliston's castle. Bliston admitted Wol'jin into his throne room as he was getting coffee. As Bliston expected, Wol'jin had come primarily to discuss the fugitive. Bliston explained that the Bats hadn't made much progress in finding the criminal, but that they'd prevented his means of leaving the island. Wol'jin then proposed a free trade deal between the Wolf and Bat tribes, which Bliston agreed to. Bliston then received word that the wolf criminal was finally captured. After the Bats delivered the captured thief to the Wolves, and were paid a reasonable amount for the trouble, the Wolves left the island.

Interactions with the Forgotten[]

Soon after, a Forgotten skiff was seen clashing with what appeared to be a Combine air vehicle to the direct east. Bliston had part of the sea wall raised the prevent the conflict from coming to his island, but the Forgotten successfully shot down the air vehicle. The Forgotten boat began to sink, so Bliston lowered the sea wall and had Bat boats rescue the Forgotten, and take them to the island. After having a conversation with the lions who'd been on board the Forgotten skiff, Dr. Benjamin came to Bliston, telling him about the lions' recent discovery that Ice Hunters would be revoked of their ice powers and returned to their pre-zombie state if fire chi was plugged into their harnesses. Bliston, thinking ahead and believing that this news could be useful in eventually uniting Chima against the western Empire, granted Benjamin permission to go to Lion City and join the research team to look into this discovery. Soon after, Bliston was contacted by Forgotten West leader and Governess of Scordon Island, Seris Rax, who requested a meeting. Bliston agreed, and met with her on New Bat Island, where they arranged a definitive trade deal between the Bats and Forgotten West, as with the Wolves. Rax also explained that the Forgotten West were now an independent nation, since the Forgotten had apparently overthrown Scrin.

Doubts and Reaffirmations[]

Governess Rax departed, and Bliston returned to his throne room with Bernard, where he was visited by Bratta. His sister, while enjoying peace herself, explained that the other bats, militaristic in nature, were growing restless. Bliston reassured her that their people would get their chance to fight again, either when the western Empire attacked the east, or when the Bats attacked the west. Bratta began to doubt the existence of the western Empire, questioning if Bliston had just made it up to keep the militaristic bats satisfied, while actually maintaining peace. Bliston then explained that it was Balthazar and the original Bat Fleet who'd discovered the western scout ship on their expeditions, so naval bats could attest to the existence of the western Empire. Bratta apologized for doubting her brother, and left the throne room.

Arrival of the False King[]

A few months later, Bliston, his wife, and toddler Prince Bernard were relaxing in New Bat Island's tropical forest, when they were visited by Bratta. Just then, an Eagle jet arrived, and Bliston explained to Bratta that the masked man claiming to be the Eagle King Erdrik had contacted Bliston, requesting that a Tribal Summit be hosted in the Bats' embassy atop Mount Cavora, and was now meeting with Bliston personally. Bliston and Bratta went to the throne room to meet with "Erdrik", where the Eagle King revealed that he, too, knew of the existence of the Manta Ray Empire, and planned to unite all of Chima's tribes against the common enemy at the meeting on Mount Cavora. Bliston was still skeptical that the tribes could unite after all the wars, but agreed to the Tribal Summit. Bliston then silently sent Bratta to go after the eagle Eris, who'd flown out the throne room's window. Soon after, the eagles left with an unconscious Eris, who Bliston learned had apparently attacked Bratta. Despite this, Bliston and "Erdrik" didn't change their plans.

Return to Chima[]

Soon after, Bliston flew to his embassy on Mount Cavora, where leaders or representatives from almost all of Chima's tribes had gathered for the Summit. Through subsequent heated debates between the Forgotten and the other tribes regarding the Sabertoothes and Icebears (who, unlike the Mammoths, still refused peace treaties with the southern tribes, hadn't attended the Summit, and continued to disrupt Chima's Elemental Balance with their presence in the south), Bliston remained silent, interested to see if "Erdrik" could prove him wrong and unite the tribes.

Appearance, Gear, and Traits[]

Appearance: (Pre-fire chi) Bliston wears a silver and gold crown/crest on his forehead. While his natural appearance is that of a standard black and blue bat, he wears an intricate silver armor on his torso with gold symbols and highlights carved in it. In the middle of his chest is his chi orb socket, and he has large, bulky black shoulder pads. He wears mysterious purple armor on his lower body/legs. 

(After plugging fire chi)— Bliston wears bulky golden armor, and the red and gold robes identical to all non-fire tribe warriors who plug fire chi. The silver on his crown has been turned red, but the gold part of his crown has remained the same.  

Weapons and gear: (Pre-fire chi) A large, double-bladed axe with a silver handle and 2 black blades. Also, a double-barreled purple and gold chi laser blaster that mounts on his hand and arm like a gauntlet. (Note: The original copies of these weapons were lost at Eagle Spire, but have since been replaced with exact replicas. Bliston also used a stolen raven sword during his duel with Rawlin, but it has since been destroyed)  

(After plugging fire chi)— The silver handle of Bliston's axe was turned gold when he plugged fire chi, and the black blades became red. The axe became capable of shooting or launching fire blasts out of its blades. The purple on his blaster was turned red and embroidered with ornate Phoenix symbols, but the gold remained the same. The double-barreled laser blaster became a double-barreled flamethrower.  

Personality (Pre-Chima Alliance—Crawler Empire War and Crawler—Ice Hunter War): (More accurate one to be added.)

Personality (After the events of the wars): Following his experiences, Bliston became wiser and more accustomed to the costs of war. As such, he also came to value individual lives much more; while once willing to sacrifice bats and others for the greater good of his tribe, Bliston, by the end of his part in the war with the Ice Hunters, went to great lengths to rescue even one bat, Dr Benjamin. After the wars, Bliston adopted a "no man left behind" attitude. Though the ideology improved his morals, it also caused possible problems for Bliston, since, as mentioned, he'd now go to dangerous lengths to save even one bat or close ally. Bliston's new ideology and stance on wars was reflected in the Bat Tribe's turn from an imperialist nation to a nationalist nation, after the Great Migration.


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"We both know the multiple reasons why I am in command of this tribe. Or did you forget, sister?" —Bliston to Bratta

"I have witnessed how the inland tribes behave; they are always fighting each other, their tribes and alliances always splitting apart. Chima is a house divided against itself. Everlasting peace will only be ensured if we destroy that house and build a new one in its place." —Bliston to the gathered Crawler Empire

"Bats! The time has come. Half our army will fly to the Eagle Spires and confront that warmonger Rawlin. He will feel my WRATH!!" —Bliston to his soldiers

"You took a lot from me. So I will take something from you.

I will not kill you, of course, since you didn't kill me. I have now appropriately repaid you, don't you think? Goodbye forever, my King." —Bliston, before and after destroying Icestrike's left eye

"As you all know, several months ago the late Grand Admiral Balthazar discovered the existence of a lush tropical island ten times the size of the now frozen Bat Island, over 200 miles from Chima's mainland. The island also contained a chi spring in its center. We bats are the only beings who know of the island's existence and location. But that's not all. Far beyond that island, Balthazar also encountered a scout ship of an unknown species. He destroyed that ship, because from that encounter we'd learned of the existence of a western Empire that planned on conquering the eastern continent of Chima, the Outlands, and this Arctic place where we now stand. It is because of this, and because of our relations with the inland and Ice tribes, that we Bats will soon begin our Great Migration. Upon flying to the island, our new home, we'll heavily militarize, rebuild our fleet, and create a denfense force hopefully capable of fighting this unknown Empire, should they ever attack the east." —Bliston's speech to the bats in the Arctic

"Bliston duels Malgus, but the huge mammoth grabs and levitates the Bat King with a beam of energy from his scythe, smashing Bliston up and down into the ground.

Malgus: "You are useless to me! It baffles me as to how a being without magic can lead a tribe!"  Bliston suddenly breaks free, shattering the energy chain with a burst of fire power. Bliston falls to the ground. He pants as he stands, holding his weapons tightly.

Malgus: "What?! How—?!" 

Bliston: "I may not have magic on my side, but I'm armed with something you'll never have; the power of the Phoenix. And unlike you, old man, I'm a leader who earns power...not a follower who claims it.  Now, I will ask you once more: move out of my way, so I can rescue the last frozen member of my species before leaving this place forever." 

Malgus: 'I admire your resolve, King Bliston, but beings with fire chi do not belong in the north.'" —Bliston's interaction with Malgus


  • Although Bliston acted as an antagonist to the inland tribes during the Roleplay's second arc, he is not inherently evil himself; rather, he is doing what he feels is needed for his tribe. Militaristic species? Let them fight other tribes. Small territory in a dangerous region? Conquer safer, bigger regions. Tribe has barely any chi? Extract all the chi from Mount Cavora.
  • Thefirstdecade came up with the name "Blistion" for the Bat leader. When JGREAD created his bat character, he used this proposed name, but removed the "i", making the final name "Bliston".
  • Bliston was interviewed by Lewis Luggington while in the captivity of the Gorillas, because there was originally going to be an interview written in the in-universe news topic, "Chima Public Broadcasting." However, this didn't end up happening.
  • Bliston's theme song: