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Thefirstdecade Thefirstdecade 26 February

years in the making! Chima Fanon Roleplay Board Announcment!

Im gonna make this quick and easy. Remember back in 2018 i wanted us guys to have a separate board for the Fanon Chima Roleplay? Well, i have now made the skeleton crew of a site just for that! We have absolute freedom what we can post there (barring if you guys are into NSFW content like me, if not, that soft rule can be emplaced) But like i said, we have freedom of speech (spicing up our characters lines with alot more unfathomable dialogue! :P ), a higher post character limit, private messaging to each other (in replacement of jammers), and no moderation time!

But a BIG THING to put into this is that big question, are we gonna restart the RP or we gonna build up the board and continue where we left off? I believe it's going to highly be …

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JGREAD JGREAD 11 February 2018

Who's who?

I've noticed that some of us here don't use their LMBE usernames. If you have a different username here, please share your LMBE username, so we know who's who. Thanks!

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Shamrock7203 Shamrock7203 23 January 2018

The Bionicle RPers

Before I begin, I ask that no one mentions this on LMBE for now.

I was wondering, am I the only one annoyed by the Bionicle RPers flooding our forum and making such a nuisance of themselves? It's all very well if they disagree, but they're being rather annoying. My own annoyance is compounded by the fact that I've received intelligence indicating that they are primarily on the RP to annoy YJFlordofbio123, who they've had several disagreements with on the Bionicle RP. Regardless of why  they're on the RP, they are very hard to accommodate.They want bullets, they want explosion magic, they want alternate power to Chi, they oppose the FAC system...

Is anyone else annoyed by all of this?

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Thefirstdecade Thefirstdecade 16 January 2018

Attention all chima roleplayers (yes that means you, guys)

I for one have decided to give us all the chance of a better life at the Fanon Chima Roleplay. Here, i bring to you guys the Brick Role Play Portal, im sure you all havent heard from it, but it was ince goi to be ine of the escape boats during the chaos that spurred when the Eternal MB’s were supposedly going to “close”. I for one will circumvent a singular topic roleplay, for expansive topics for our tribe’s HQ’s and such. I’ve already set up my tribes and locales as well as characters. And guess what, the RP’s will go by super fast due to no moderation wait time! But a downside that there is a character limit to each post you make so be short and concise with your starter posts for your HQ’s. I advise we move our fanon roleplay over to t…

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Thefirstdecade Thefirstdecade 24 December 2017

Seeing that the Fanon Chima RP is locked and I don’t think its gonna be unlocked anytime soon...

I would like to give you guys an chance to continue it through means of better communication. That being the lovely site, of Discord [1]. It will allow us to chat instantly and freely with no harm of it ever being locked! Im currently in the process of making a group for us and such. So, if i can somewhat tag you guys all here, then. That would be wonderful. Please, use this so we can be a bit more active. Anyways, once i get the group up and running, that would be beautiful.

Edit: Okay, the topic has been locked, but in the event it gets locked permanently, we’ll use Discord. Okay? ;)

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Thefirstdecade Thefirstdecade 24 November 2017

Testing the Blog Posts

So um, anyone wanna blog in this place? Is it needed? Eh? EH?! :P whatever, enjoy this video on Mach here. :P

Anyways, im testing this out so feel free to comment on it. Becuase, i feel zoinked.

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