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Note: Since the Roleplay is ongoing, and its events take place over an unknown amount of time, the Roleplay itself is treated as "year zero" on the timeline, with the After Roleplay period beginning one year after everything that happened, or will happen, in the RP.

Timeline of Chima History[]

2,000—1,021 Years Before the Roleplay (BR)[]

1,020—1,000 BR[]

  • Tenebrae the tiger (Senix) is born.
  • The First Great Illumination occurs twenty years later, as the Dragon Gods have decided to grant the animals sentience; as they leave the physical realm for the sake of Chima’s peoples having free will, they create chi, and it pours from holes in Mount Cavora; almost all species drink it and are evolved, but The Great Earthquake, a result of the Illumination, causes a part of the ground to split open, creating The Gorge of Eternal Depth, which the Bats, Scorpions, and Spiders fall into before getting a chance to drink the chi; the Great Earthquake also causes Black Mountain to break from the Outland Mountains, and soil spilled from beneath the mountain creates the Outland jungles to the east; sources of chi are also created on the future New Bat Island and the western continent where the Rays dwell, unaware of the existence of other species.
  • One of the Dragons secretly remains in Chima, taking on the form of a phoenix and becoming the tribe's first Emperor; he disperses and solidifies most of his powers, creating the nine Fire Wing Harnesses for the purpose of resetting the universe, which only the Phoenix are aware of.
  • The Phoenix build their city on an island chain in The West Sea.
  • The Lions claim the land at the foot of (and on) Mount Cavora, and build their city there.

999—996 BR[]

  • Tenebrae takes over the newly established Tiger Tribe, claiming the title of Emperor.
  • The Lion Tribe and other tribes establish monarchies.
  • The Lion Guard is formed.
  • Jealous of the Lions' territory claim, and worried that it would give them a monopoly over the chi, Tenebrae readies the Tiger Tribe for war in order to seize the land from the Lions.

995—992 BR[]

  • Tenebrae attacks the Lion City, starting the Tiger—Lion War.
  • In response, Lyron reforms the Lion Guard into a Lion Army.
  • The Peacocks, an ally of the Lions, are weakened by the Tigers during the war.
  • Tigers create a rebellion to end Tenebrae's tyrannical reign; with the help of the Lions and Peacocks, the Tigers overthrow the Emperor and establish a monarchy, ending the Tiger—Lion War; Tenebrae escapes and disappears.
  • The Lions move their city off of Cavora itself, as per the terms of the treaty with the Tigers.

991—959 BR[]

  • The Tigers earn fire chi from the Phoenix, deciding to make it their power source as an alternative to chi, and ally with the Phoenix, forming the Fire Tribes; the Phoenix Emperor uses the last of his Dragon powers to grant the new Tiger King, and all members of his bloodline, extremely long lifespans.
  • Within the Phoenix Tribe, however, a moral debate begins regarding the universe-resetting powers of the Fire Wing Harnesses; eventually, three phoenix try, and fail, to destroy the Harnesses, and flee from their tribe, forming the secret Phoenix Triumvirate; they find Tenebrae, and he joins their cause to perpetually stop a complete Great Illumination from ever occurring.
  • In 980 BR, Faerin assassinates the first Phoenix Emperor (having waited until after he had an offspring to take his place), and his soul goes to the Chi Ghost Realm to return to his fellow Dragons.
  • In 959 BR, Lyanor, one of Lyron's twin sons, co-leads a joint expedition by the Lion and Eagle tribes to the West Sea, taking the Primordial Blade with him; the expedition force's primitive airship crashes on an island in the middle of the ocean after a storm, and, with no way to contact Chima or escape the island, the members of the large expedition force make the island their home; Lyanor and the female leader of the Eagles' side of the expedition naturally become the "Chieftains" of the colony.

958—839 BR[]

  • Breeding between the two species on the island over the course of the ensuing century results in the creation of the Gryphon Tribe, with the "pureblood" lions and eagles eventually dying out.
  • During that century, the inland civilizations grow on the eastern continent of Chima, while the Manta Ray Empire grows on the western continent of Forneus, beginning to expand their reach to nearby islands.
  • Galvanor Anzu, a direct descendant of Lyanor, and son of Gryphon Chieftain Grynix, is born in the year 839 BR, 120 years after the Lion and Eagle expedition was marooned on the island.

838—824 BR[]

  • In 826 BR, the Manta Ray Empire discovers the Gryphon Tribe during their voyages; an unintentionally hostile first contact results in the death of a gryphon, so Grynix, in accordance with his philosophy, has the ray who killed the gryphon hunted down and killed himself, spurring the Manta Ray Empire to launch an all-out attack on the Gryphons' island; Grynix orders the Gryphons to fight and never surrender, leading to the tribe's destruction through the Rays' overwhelming force and technological advantage; Galvanor alone escapes, managing to make it past the constant storms surrounding the island using a stolen Ray aircraft; it crashes in the sea near the eastern continent, and a fatigued and amnesiac Galvanor washes up on Chima's shores, where he's found and adopted by the Eagle King.
  • In 824 BR, the current incarnations of the Phoenix Triumvirate regroup, and Faerin makes a move to take over the Phoenix Tribe, despite her allies urging her not to; she manages to convince some phoenix of the forgotten truth about the Great Illumination, and a sizable portion of the tribe splits off, taking some of the Fire Wing Harnesses with them; unable to destroy the harnesses, Faerin begins building a heavily fortified city to the far north in the Arctic, intending to keep the Fire Wing Harnesses there perpetually, and has her Phoenix spread the word about the Great Illumination, intending to gain more allies; the Peacock King, whose tribe had been reduced to a smaller nomad group after the Tiger—Lion War, allies with Faerin to live in the Purple City, and the Eagle King also decides to ally with them, to keep the Fire Wing Harnesses locked up; the three factions form the Avian Triumvirate; the main Phoenix Tribe, not wanting to risk a civil war that would damage their tribe and its public image even more, elect to leave it be.
  • Soon after, there begin to be earthquakes rising in magnitude, and the Leopards make the correlation that the earthquakes began after Faerin and her Phoenix moved to the Arctic; in a valley on the north-south border, leopard philosophers, historians, and scientists converge and analyze the phenomenon, becoming the first tribe to learn about the Elemental Balance; the Leopard King ventures to the Purple City to urge Faerin to leave the north, explaining that the presence of phoenix there will eventually destroy the continent; Faerin refuses to leave without tangible evidence, and drives the Leopards away; the Leopards relate this information to Chima's other tribes, and the tribes that believe their claim, the Lions, Foxes, and Mammoths, ally with them, forming the Mammalian Confederation.

823—819 BR[]

  • The Leopards and their allies, now having no choice but to forcefully drive Faerin out of the Arctic as the earthquakes slowly worsen, attack the Purple City after a few more failed negotiations, beginning the Avian Triumvirate—Mammalian Confederation War; despite the AT being the smaller faction, the MC isn't able to break through the defenses of the most technologically advanced city at the time, leading to a long stalemate in the war as the tribes fight small battles across the north and south; the Mammoths' Headquarters is destroyed in 821 BR, and the tribe retreats to regain their strength.
  • In 820 BR, the AV regroups and launches a brutal surprise attack on the Foxes, who'd been weakened during the war; the Fox Headquarters at the time is destroyed, and the tribe is scattered; the Peacock King, angered at his tribe's former allies the Lions for not taking in his ancestors after the Tiger—Lion War, eventually suggests that the AV attack and conquer Lion City to gain a significant foothold in the south; the Avian Triumvirate, using all of its soldiers, actually manages to slay the Lion King and drive out the Lions, taking control of Lion City and Mount Cavora, and cutting off the chi supply to the Leopards and Mammoths.
  • In early 819 BR, the other two Phoenix Triumvirate members (believing the Leopards regarding the Elemental Balance, and having Tenebrae/"Severen" infiltrate the Purple City to take the Fire Wing Harnesses) confront Faerin over her actions; however, Faerin, who's seemingly gone insane, turns on all her allies, killing the Peacock King, the Eagle King (but not before he helps Galvanor escape), and the current incarnations of Fal'qar and Zarak, before bringing her Phoenix under her direct control through some form of hypnotism; the Peacock Tribe, at the Lion City in its entirety, is nearly wiped out by Faerin's phoenix, and left scattered and leaderless, unaware that their king had an illegitimate son; the Eagles retreat back to their homeland, where they select a competent leader to falsely claim as the Eagle King's biological son, so as not to put the half-breed Galvanor on the throne.
  • Lyron's descendant Lynne, temporarily leading the Lions in place of the very young prince, launches an assault to retake Lion City now that the AV has fallen apart; her campaign succeeds, and Faerin retreats back to the Purple City with her brainwashed Phoenix; Severen successfully escapes with the liberated Fire Wing Harnesses just before Galvanor arrives ahead of Faerin, planting explosives on the phoenix' airship to sabotage her planned voyage to the West Sea; the Leopards and Mammoths follow Faerin to the Purple City and attack even as she and a third of her army make it out on their airship; Galvanor's sabotage works, and Faerin's ship crashes somewhere in the northwest of the ocean; during the battle, Galvanor is caught in the crossfire as he tries to escape the city, but he falls beneath the Arctic waters, and is frozen instead of killed; the Leopards bomb and destroy the Purple City, eliminating the presence of phoenix in the north, and ending the Avian Triumvirate—Mammalian Confederation War; this, however, drives a wedge between the Mammoths and Leopards, since the former had been planning to take over the Purple City to use as a new headquarters themselves [all memory of the events from 824 to 819 BR are later erased from the minds of Chima's inland dwellers by Leodus' spell, due to the involvement of the Mammoths, Leopards, and Phoenix].

818—220 BR[]

  • The Mammalian Confederation, now comprised of only the Lions and Leopards, eventually becomes defunct during the long age of peace that follows, though not before one of Lynne's daughters meets and marries a Leopard King as a result of the alliance.
  • The Phoenix Tribe, over the ensuing centuries, eventually recovers the four Fire Wing Harnesses that Faerin had taken, though what she'd said about the Great Illumination is dismissed as propaganda, and eventually forgotten even by the Phoenix.
  • At some point, the original Skunk and Beaver tribes fall, and those species become scattered.

219—207 BR[]

  • 600 years after her airship had crashed in the northwest glaciers, Faerin and her brainwashed phoenix are found, thawed out, and "revived" by the Manta Ray Empire using chi; learning about their civilization, and wanting to use the Empire for revenge on the east (in addition to securing the Fire Wing Harnesses once again), Faerin manages to convince some of the rays that she is a mystical "seer", and she prophesies that the Mantax family (the mantas who'd found and "befriended" her) are destined to someday unite the east and west under a glorious reign of peace and order.
  • With Faerin seemingly validating her "magic" powers via her control over her phoenix, her prophecy spurs the Imperial Civil War, with around half of the Rays fighting to overthrow the original royal family and instate the Mantaxes; this is achieved, though the Empire nearly destroys itself in the process, and Faerin is killed in the final year of the war, 215 BR.
  • Now free of Faerin's control, the present phoenix try to fly back to Chima, but they are all captured or killed by the Rays before they can; the remaining phoenix are forced to create fire chi (and set up the Fire Trials to earn it) in case the rays ever need it in the future; the phoenix are eventually granted citizenship in the Empire, though still not allowed to leave Forneus; despite the Mantax family now being on the throne as planned, the Empire is left in shambles after the Civil War, to such an extent that rebuilding and reunifying takes a century, and the Mantaxes nearly forget about their planned invasion of the east in the process.

206—203 BR[]

  • Despite the Leopard Tribe, now stationed in the Valley of Balance, having remained neutral toward all southern conflicts for centuries, the Crocodile—Leopard War occurs when the Crocodiles start to expand their reach out of the swamp, encroaching on the neutral Grassy Plains and the Leopards' Iron Mountains territory.
  • The Crocs also enter the Vultures' territory in The Great Desert, so the Vultures join the Leopards in fighting back, though to a lesser extent; while the Vultures and Leopards don't officially ally, this creates strong relations between the two tribes, planting the seed for a future alliance.
  • The Vultures, Leopards, and Crocs all end up using guerrilla tactics (and in the Crocs' case, media propaganda to try and sway the neutral tribes' to their side), leading to a drawn-out war that is more political than physical, until 203 BR, when the Leopards finally assault and blockade the Croc Headquarters using their new fleet.
  • The Crocodiles are pushed to finally surrender and recede from their colonies; many crocs, such as Icescale, hold grudges against the Leopard Tribe as a result of the war; in the Lion Tribe, the ancestors of the Luggington family push for completely unbiased newspapers to be printed, after the Crocs' media campaign during their war [though this is achieved, all memory of the events from 206 to 203 BR are later erased from the minds of Chima's southern populace by Leodus' spell, due to the involvement of the Vultures and Leopards].

202—163 BR[]

  • Sometime between 199 and 163 BR, King Finglor leads the Sabertooth Tigers in a war with the Lions; in 163 BR, the Lion City is nearly destroyed by the Sabertooths, but the Phoenix conduct the Second Great Illumination (after Fal'qar ensures that it is an incomplete one), cursing the Sabertooths to the Arctic, and causing Mount Cavora to rise into the sky; the Lion City is rebuilt to accommodate the now floating chi falls, and the Mammoths are also exiled to the north by the Illumination, due to their growing magic powers and alliance with the Sabertooths.
  • Leodus, a king of the Leopard Tribe, gets a hold of Malgus's magic teachings, and becomes the second wizard of Chima (this also grants him "borderline immortality", making him still appear in his late twenties for over one hundred years); he does this before the end of the war, and thus incidentally absorbs the Illumination's energy when it occurs, granting him a single-use ability to somewhat repeat the event.

162—156 BR[]

  • Tenebrae, now under the identity of Senix the Sabertooth, finds and destroys one of the Fire Wing Harnesses necessary for a Great Illumination in the Northern Outland Mountains; he also finds copies of Malgus' written teachings, becoming Chima's third wizard; Senix is then cursed upon entering the Arctic to find the Sabertooths, and is captured by the Leopards.

155—129 BR[]

  • The "Vulture Plague" strikes the Vultures in 150 BR, nearly wiping out the original tribe and making vultures an endangered species; all other inland tribes refuse to take in the remaining vultures for fear of catching the plague themselves; the Vulture King goes to his friend Leodus for help, but is assassinated by Icestrike; Valum gives Leodus his ice sword as he dies.
  • Vamprah takes command of the remaining Vultures and creates the Brotherhood of Vultures, moving the tribe from The Great Desert into The Iron Mountains; the Brotherhood grows over time until it reaches the same size as the original Vulture Tribe.

128—122 BR[]

  • Icestrike, the first polar bear, takes over half of the Bear Tribe, starting the Bear Civil War, which lasts through 125 BR; the Bear Tribe claims the neutral land that will later be named Southernfell after the war.
  • King Icestrike allies his "Icebear" faction with Lord Vamprah and starts the Icebear—Leopard War, which ends in 122 BR when Leodus curses the Icebears and Vultures to confinement in the Arctic; during the war, Vamprah finds and destroys a Fire Wing Harness in the Iron Mountains; after the war, the Icebear Shipbuilding Device is taken by the Leopards and hidden on the future Bat Island; King Leodus creates the Prophecy of Black Mountain in order to create an energy force field around the Valley of Balance.
  • Unbeknownst to the Tigers and Leopards, Fal'qar, having reincarnated as a Phoenix King, is then exposed and overthrown by Set-Ra due to his actions in preventing a complete Great Illumination at the end of the Sabertooth Tiger—Lion War; Fal'qar uses his powers as the Phoenix King/Emperor to put the tribe into a stasis beneath the sea, and the Tigers, assuming that the Phoenix are waiting until a future conflict to return, follow suit.

121—61 BR[]

  • There is relative peace among the tribes for the next 60 years, the conflicts between the Fire Tribes and future Ice Tribes having been forgotten, thanks to a powerful spell Leodus uses in 121 BR to erase the memory of the Fire Tribes and the four exiled tribes from the minds of Chima's citizens.
  • On the West Sea, the Manta Ray Empire continues to slowly recover from its Civil War.

60—51 BR[]

  • The Gorilla—Bear War occurs, and ends in 59 BR.
  • After the war, the Bear and Gorilla borders are established, and the Bears agree to leave the land they'd claimed after the Bear Civil War, so those lands become neutral and unclaimed once more.
  • The Eagles begin to expand their territory into The Great Forest while securing mysterious artifacts. [1]

50—32 BR[]

  • In the year 50 BR, Skinnet the Skunk and Furtivo the Fox found the Minor Tribes camp, uniting the remaining Skunks, Foxes, Beavers, and Peacocks.
  • In the year 43 BR, Furtivo goes missing and Skinnet leaves the camp to look for him.
  • Later, in 40 BR, Klark the Fox takes charge of the Minor Tribes.
  • Two years later, the fox Tredd joins the Minor Tribes.
  • Lycor, a descendant of Lyron, is born in the year 32 BR. [2]

31—26 BR[]

  • The Eagles attempt to claim Southernfell, which, along with their other expansions, starts the Gorilla—Eagle War. [1]
  • Lyrix, the cousin of Lycor, is born in 30 BR, during the second and final year of the Gorilla—Eagle War, which is also the first year of the Gorilla Civil War. [1]
  • The Gorilla Monarchy is overthrown in 28 BR; Gorbav establishes a Republic, and becomes President. [1]
  • Gibbs is sworn in as Gorilla King by the remaining monarchist Gorillas, whilst Genghis Khan leads his own faction as Emperor; they are both defeated by the Republic, however, in 27 BR; Gibbs survives and flees to the West Sea, where he and Alexander Gulikovosky conquer Aether Island, before being driven off by the Gorilla Republic in 26 BR. [1]

25—9 BR[]

  • Klark founds a team of commandos for defense. He trains them to be the Minor Tribes' special forces and names them the Marine Commando-type Strategic Troops.
  • In 24 BR, Eagle King Erdrik destroys a colony of hostile rogue Lions in the Eagle territory, but recovers a lion cub from the base; the Lion King blackmails Erdrik, threatening the possibility of a Lion—Eagle war if this event went public, despite the lion colonists having been unaffiliated with the main tribe; Erdrik agrees to have the lion cub, Leonard, be raised and taught to pilot aircraft by the Eagles, before being sent back to the Lions, thus giving the Lions the information to finally build an adequate air force.
  • In 16 BR, Lysandre founds Lysandre Labs. [3]
  • In the year 12 BR, Crexar and Corok are exiled for a golden chi theft attempt, causing tensions to form between the Lions and Crocodiles. [2]
  • Through 10 BR, Crexar and Corok search for other bounty hunters across Chima, assembling their crew. [2]
  • Also in 10 BR, Klark takes fifty of the MCSTs and departs from Minor Tribes HQ to search for the Icebear Shipbuilding Device. [2]
  • In 9 BR, Lyrix and Lycor enlist in the Lion Army, and quickly begin to move up the ranks. [2]

8—4 BR[]

  • In the Raven Tribe, the Wings Row Monarchy begins to grow suspicious of Rawlin and his company.
  • In 7 BR, the Raven King Razar hires Crexar and his crew to round up any anti-monarchy ravens. Rawlin discovers this and captures all the bounty hunters on the team except Crexar himself, holding them hostage so Crexar doesn't tell Razar about this. [2]
  • Later in 7 BR, the Eagles "encourage" the now adult Leonard to return to the Lion Tribe and found a Lion Air Force, as per the terms of Erdrik's deal.
  • In 5 BR, Lyrix and Lycor both reach the rank of General in the Lion Army. [2]

3—1 BR[]

  • The Raven Civil War begins following the assassination of Razar at the hands of Erlin, and the schism of the Raven Tribe between the Wings Row Monarchy loyalists and the Talon Industries faction; Rawlin takes over Raven HQ, and tasks Dr. Radcliffe to design the MMSC. [2]
  • Rica bombs Lysandre Labs after finding out Lysandre is a business partner of Rawlin; Lysandre survives, but goes into hiding. [3]
  • Later in 3 BR, Razalac steals the MMSC blueprints, and Rawlin hires Crexar to steal them back; Rawlin releases Crexar's crew from custody; the Lions gain awareness of the MMSC plans, so Lyrix and Lycor lead a team of Lion soldiers to retrieve them; Lyrix double crosses his friend Rica and shows Rawlin the location of the secret WRM HQ in the Iron Mountains; the base is destroyed, and the WRM loyalists retreat. [2]
  • Construction of the MMSC is completed at the end of 3 BR; Dr. Radcliffe is killed while attempting to warn the Eagles of Rawlin's planned war on them, but the MMSC blueprints are destroyed with him. [2]
  • In 2 BR, Lyrix frames Lycor for golden chi theft in order to claim the rank of Lion Field Marshal; in the Iron Mountains, Lycor discovers and lives with the Leopard Tribe for the year, until obtaining proof of Lyrix' betrayal. [2]
  • Lyrix is exiled from the Lion Tribe, and Lycor becomes the Lion Field Marshal in his place. [2]
  • In 1 BR, following a conflict on The West Sea with the now criminal Gibbs, Lyrix becomes a pirate and merges Klark's MCSTs and Gibbs' crew with his own; Klark is marooned on the future Bat Island; Lycor destroys the Icebear Shipbuilding Device to prevent the Pirates of the West Sea from using it.[2]
  • In late 1 BR, the elderly lion historian, Ludwig Luggington, completes his series of history books, compiling all of Chima's known history (with the exception of anything involving the Fire Tribes and exiled tribes, due to Leodus' spell), and archives his books in the Outland town Corvidholme.

The Chima Roleplay[]

The Chima Civil War & the Bat—Raven War[]

  • At some point, the MMSC is heavily damaged, and Rawlin hires Beavers from the Minor Tribes to fix and complete it; Rawlin allies the Raven Tribe with the Crocodile Tribe; the Chima Civil War occurs when the Ravens attack Eagle Spire and the Crocs attack Lion City; the TI Great Forest outpost is seized by the Bears, who'd allied with the Lions, and is expanded into the citadel Blitz Base; the Raven Civil War continues as the WRM ravens ally with the Lions against the Crocs and TI Ravens; the TI Ravens nearly destroy The Lion Pastures, but most of the TI outposts are eventually destroyed or seized by the Lions and Bears; the Battle of Eagle Spire continues long after the Crocs are driven back from Lion territory; all the inland tribes except the Rhinos, Eagles, and Crocs form the Chima Alliance following the war.
  • Gible drops chi orbs into the Gorge of Eternal Depth, and the bats and arachnids are finally evolved; during the Chima Civil War, the Bats and Scorpions each take over a third of the Outlands and fight small wars with the Spiders, gaining war experience; the three Outland tribes discover Ludwig Luggington's books in Corvidholme, gaining knowledge of Chima's history; the Bats and Scorpions eventually ally, forming the Crawler Empire; the Bats take over Bat Island, name it, and build the Bat Naval Command Center and the Bat Fleet there; Grand Admiral Balthazar discovers Klark, and appoints the fox as his bodyguard.
  • The Bat—Raven War begins when King Bliston interrupts the battle of Eagle Spire, reinforcing the Eagles and WRM Ravens against the TI Ravens; the MMSC crashes to the north of the Iron Mountains; Rawlin is defeated, but both he and Bliston disappear following the battle; Bliston reappears and steals the chi from Mount Cavora while in the MMSC, framing the Ravens for the theft; the Bats take the chi to the Outlands and divide it equally with the Scorpions; Bliston plans to destroy Raven HQ in order to defeat Talon Industries, regardless of WRM casualties; the Bats abandon the MMSC and crash it into the HQ, retroactively ending the Raven Civil War, the Chima Civil War, and the Bat—Raven War all at once.

The Chima Alliance—Crawler Empire War & the Crawler—Ice Hunter War[]

  • The remnants of Talon Industries form the Raven Resistance, but soon merge with the WRM remnants to create a single Raven Tribe; the RR Ravens build a new HQ in the Iron Mountains and eventually evolve into the New Talon Industries company, while the former WRM Ravens join The Forgotten, an anti-Crawler Empire rebel faction comprised of spiders, scorpions, and some inland species; former WRM PrinceRazic summons the Chi Ghost of Razar to enlist his aid in the Forgotten, only for them to be separated.
  • Rawlin's former ally, the Crocodile King Crogall, is assassinated by the Spiders for unknown reasons, and his cousin Crogar becomes king; soon after, the Spider Queen Spilyth is assassinated by the traitor Sezrac (who flees north and returns to Chima as a spy for the Brotherhood of Vultures, before eventually being killed by Longfang), and the witch Spelyne takes over the Spider Tribe. [4]
  • The Crawler Empire powers up with its immense amount of chi and begins conquering regions in the inland, which had been weakened by the previous wars and lack of chi; the Crawler Empire conquers a large portion of the inland before the non-neutral inland tribes wage war on them, beginning the Chima Alliance—Crawler Empire War; the Crawlers make peace with the Eagles, Crocs, Gorillas, and Rhinos, but the Gorillas betray the Crawlers and aid the rest of the Chima Alliance in fighting them; the Eagles and Crocs eventually become official war allies with the Crawlers, but the Rhinos remain neutral; before the Crawler Empire makes peace with the Rhinos, Bat Head Scientist Dr. Benjamin leads an expedition into the Arctic North, discovering the Brotherhood of Vultures and accidentally releasing Senix from Hunter Prison, before being frozen by the sabertooth [4]; during this time, the Minor Tribes embark on a mission into the Outlands, where Skinnet had turned up after being captured by the Scorpions; they succeed in rescuing Skinnet.
  • King Scorm is captured by the Lions (and later assassinated by Scordon Freeman), and Scorpix takes over the Scorpion Tribe; Scorpix, wanting the Scorpions to shift into a democracy, secretly has Craunus Maximus and Calloran Fen form the Republic of the Claw early, as a contingency plan in case of his death; during the Bat Fleet's expeditions on the sea, Balthazar discovers the existence of the Manta Ray Empire, and tells Bliston; Rawlin eventually returns and joins Radnar in a shared leadership of the Raven Tribe; just before the Gorillas betray the Crawler Empire, Bliston learns about Chi Ghosts (and about the Phoenix from Scorponok), and summons the ghost of a phoenix in Gorilla HQ, asking if the chi falls can be restarted, to rectify his mistake in stopping them; the phoenix confirms that he can restart the falls, before Gorbav ambushes and captures Bliston.
  • Leading the Bat Tribe during this time, Balthazar secretly sends Scorponok to rescue Bliston; the scorpion succeeds in doing so, thwarting Rawlin's attempts to kill the Bat King; the phoenix Chi Ghost summoned by Bliston possesses Bachell to have her restart the chi falls, making both sides of the war evenly matched; meanwhile, the curse confining the Ice Hunters to the Arctic is broken by the magic-capable Hunters, after the other Mammoths and the Vultures finally find and reawaken them; at the same time, the Forgotten stage The Uprising in and around Scorpion Cavern Castle, as well as Cave 17, and eventually defeat Scorm's brother, Dr. Scortica Breen (as he is killed when the Teleport Core of the Scorpion Citadel is destroyed by Scordon Freeman); both the Forgotten and Breen’s faction, The Combine, are scattered throughout the Scorpion Caverns when the Castle is destroyed by the Bears, with remaining Combine forces crushed by the bombardment.
  • The war drags on at a stalemate until the Crawler Empire is defeated by the freed Ice Hunters, their leaders, land, and buildings frozen; Grand Admiral Balthazar takes over leadership of the Bat Tribe, and takes the Imperial Remnant to Bat Island to continue the Crawler—Ice Hunter War; Balthazar's strategies and resources give the Bat Fleet a victorious campaign, almost completely destroying both the Icebear Fleet and Lyrix's pirates, before Balthazar is betrayed and assassinated by his own bodyguard, Klark; Gorbav dies of a stroke during the Ice Hunter invasion, leaving the Gorilla Republic in the hands of Gorvan, and sending shockwaves down the Republic; meanwhile, the remaining Imperial Scorpions break into splinter factions: the Braxinites, the Republic of the Claw, the mountain dwellers, and Scorponok's Team Stinger, which, after obtaining fire chi, evolves into Team Fire-Stinger to continue the fight with the Ice Hunters on land; after helping the Bats destroy what's left of the Icebear fleet, the Bears ally with the Republic of the Claw.

The Beginning of the Fire—Ice War[]

  • The Vultures and Icebears ally with the Sabertoothes to attack the Leopards, beginning the Fire—Ice War; the Tigers return from a dormancy to help the Leopards, and the Phoenix Islands rise from the Sea (where Fal'qar is promptly captured by the Phoenix, now that his stasis has finally worn off), allowing the southern species to earn fire chi to fight the Ice Hunters; during the war, Leodus and Petricoff (a descendant of the original Peacock Kings) find out Senix is Tenebrae; the Lions and Bats obtain fire chi, mounting an assault on Icestrike's Ultimate Glacier to rescue the frozen inlanders and outlanders, with the aid of the Leopards; following the assault, the Stinger Brotherhood (Team Fire-Stinger) is scattered, Scorpix is killed in a duel with Lycor, and The Four Talon Towers are destroyed shortly after the Ultimate Glacier is melted; Icestrike is killed by Vamprah and Leodus (after Leodus reveals the truth about Valum's death), who ally the Brotherhood of Vultures with the Leopard Tribe to form the Empire of Balance, which fights both the Fire and Ice factions when necessary; the Sabertoothes go south through the ancient tunnels, freezing the Gorillas and conquering the Gorilla jungle, capturing Gorvan and most of the tribe.
  • The freed Bliston reunites the Bat Tribe and embarks on a campaign to rescue Dr. Benjamin from the Sabertoothes, before migrating to New Bat Island to build a defense force against the Manta Ray Empire; the raven Rex enters the service of Bliston and the bats, and builds an embassy atop Mount Cavora after the Bats arrive at New Bat Island; Bliston's sister Bratta and her husband Barney Balhoun make it to New Bat Island, where Bratta has their children, Belris and Belkor; Rawlin attempts to create an alliance between Ravens, Crocodiles, and Ice Hunters, but is thwarted when a Crocodile insurgency occurs; Sobek takes advantage of the event to try to overthrow Crogar, but fails and retreats; Rawlin leaves as well, and the Crocs are left to recover; soon after, the Sabertoothes attack the Croc Swamp and freeze Crogar, but the swamp and remaining crocs are saved by the Republic of the Claw, Tigers, and Phoenix; in the Iron Mountains, the Empire of Balance engages the Sabertoothes in battle; the Empire destroys Fort Sabran, destabilizing the Ice Hunters' claim to the Iron Mountains, and causing Finglor to disappear.
  • After the Scorpions are freed from the Glacier, the Braxinites and mountain dwellers are absorbed back into the Scorpion Tribe, now led by Scorm's son Scorpio; the Scorpions build a new castle and kingdom on the surface of the Outlands, and expand to reclaim their territory and the Bat Tribe's former territory; in the Scorpion Cavern ruins, Sezrac's brother Solrac explodes what remains of the Combine and their tech, but abandons the other Forgotten in the process; King Scorpio's Scorpions rescue the surviving Forgotten they find, and begin mining the area for the rare minerals the explosions unearthed, dubbing the site "Crystal Crater"; meanwhile, Lion King Lionel disappears, and is replaced as King by Lavuras; most of the Forgotten survivors from Scorpion Cavern Castle migrate to a smaller island south of New Bat Island, which they claim and name Scordon Island, whilst others move to St. Olga, closer to the mainland, to live more peaceful lives.

The Arachnid Alliance—Empire of Balance War & the Hunters’ Continuing Conflicts[]

  • Spelyne and her Royal House disappear in the Arctic while searching for Maulryene, and Skaulus and Severix of House Rax are sworn in as King and Queen; Kings Skaulus and Scorpio join forces, forming the Arachnid Alliance with the Spider and Scorpion Tribes; Severix expands the Arachnid Alliance's territory into the Iron Mountains and the Arctic; since the Spiders and Scorpions now all have fire chi, this disrupts the Elemental Balance, and Vamprah sends Imperial forces to stop their expansion; conflict eventually erupts, and Queen Severix is slain in self-defense by the vulture Captain of the Imperial Knights, who is then killed himself by spiders; Lycor, who'd joined the Knights after the Battle of Icestrike's Glacier, is promoted to an Imperial Knight Captain in his place, and Skaulus declares war on the Empire of Balance.
  • Solrac finds out about Sezrac's fate, and attempts to hunt down and slay Longfang in order to avenge his brother; Longfang fakes his death to escape Solrac, and Solrac is arrested and imprisoned in the Golden City for assaulting an Imperial Knight Captain; Solrac is arranged to be exiled to the Arctic, but escapes into the Iron Mountains, where Forgotten excavators find the pieces of the Fire Wing Harness Vamprah had destroyed, and build them into Scordon Freeman's armor, essentially reforging the harness; Solrac joins up with the Forgotten there; in Spider territory, Skaulus and Stannis Rax find Scorpio and his mother Scorpia (who'd been trapped for a time in the remaining tunnels around Crystal Crater) and confront Scrin, who “removes” Scorpia from her seat of power within the Forgotten, and subsequently escapes.
  • Wol'jin takes over the Wolf Tribe as its President, and sends out diplomats all across the world, to gain fire chi for a potential war against the Ice Hunters, and also to ensure his position and legitimacy in the eyes of the populous; the Wolves attempt to take over the now vulnerable Croc Swamp, but are confronted by the Republic of the Claw; the Republic meets with Wol'jin formally, and the Wolves and Lions politically battle for control of the Croc Swamp; the Republic of the Claw terminates its alliance with the Bears in favor of allying with the Wolves and Gorillas, forming the Unichi alliance; Rawlin discusses an alliance with Wol'jin afterward, but expresses interest in allying with the Ice Hunters, so the Ravens don't end up joining Unichi; Rawlin goes off the radar again, and the Eagles quietly overthrow King Eeran, who has become ineffective, instating Ewinus as an acting Regent.
  • The Gorilla Forest is liberated by the Tigers and Gorillas, now with fire chi; the Icebears regroup under the leadership of Iroquois, and attempt to claim Crystal Crater and the smaller Forgotten-controlled caverns; the Arachnid Alliance attacks the Golden City, and the Sabertoothes attack the Minor Tribes HQ; the Forgotten launch an assault on the Sabertooth-controlled, formerly unclaimed land of Southernfell, while helping Solrac rescue the Forgotten spy Seris Rax, who'd had his bastard son; Solrac helps Seris escape from the Spiders, before being captured; Skaulus Rax executes Solrac, and continues his war with the Empire of Balance; Seris, who'd remotely managed the Forgotten's colonization of Scordon Island, takes over the island as its Governess.
  • Scorpion King Scorm is somehow resurrected by Scrin, taken to New Bat Island, and recuperated by his friend Bliston, before going to Scordon Island; Wolves go to New Bat Island to establish trade with the Bat Tribe and warn them about a thief who crashed there; the Wolves establish an embassy off the coast of New Bat Island, and Bliston locks down the island to trap and capture the marooned thief; the thief is captured by the Bats and delivered to the Wolves, soon after the Bat Tribe completes production of its Second Fleet; the Forgotten on Scordon Island capture Scorm and use him to test their new teleportation machine; Scorm is transported into one of the Republic of the Claw's underground Great Halls, where Craunus Maximus and Calloran Fen reveal the truth about the Republic's creation to him; a furious Scorm is transported away by Scrin, who briefly discusses the possibility of the Forgotten joining Unichi.
  • After finding out about the lengths the Sabertoothes would go to destroy the Lions, as well as Senix's true identity and plan, Malgus has Malgus II steal a golden chi orb from the Lions; Malgus rallies most of the Mammoth Tribe under his leadership, and uses the golden chi orb to reconstruct the Purple City; there, Malgus finds and revives Galvanor; the lost Saban is captured by lions in the Great Forest, and given fire chi, which cures him of his zombie state and robs him of his ice powers; Saban is imprisoned in Saber Mountain by Sabradia to keep the revelation a secret, but is broken out by Senix, hoping to recruit him to the Phoenix Triumvirate; they are separated, however; the Arachnid Alliance forces are driven back from the Valley of Balance, and the Empire and Tigers hold a banquet in the Golden City to celebrate their victories thus far against the Ice Hunters and Arachnids; the Empire of Balance expands its territory, and Senix attacks the Purple City with the icebears who'd been left on Bat Island, eventually conquering the city and driving out the Mammoths, and planning to attack the Phoenix Isles to rescue Fal'qar; meanwhile, Galvanor flies west.
  • Iroquois continues his attack on Crystal Crater with the majority of the Icebears; beneath the Outland Mountains, Unichi and Fire Tribe forces continue pursuing the Sabertoothes through the tunnels; Griggs and Sheckley forward a message of help from the Gorillas (which the Forgotten intercept, and join the battle); the allied forces attack Black Fang Mountain, which had been frozen by the Icebears and claimed as a base by the Sabertoothes.
  • On the Phoenix Islands, the former vulture spy Viona politically takes over leadership of the Phoenix, whose current Emperor, Set-Ra, disappeared; Malgus II reveals Senix' identity as Tenebrae to the Tigers, requesting their assistance in attacking the Purple City and defeating Senix; Forgotten, Mammoth, and Tiger forces temporarily ally to attack the Icebears in the Purple City, while Malgus enlists Lyrix to steal The Artifact from Saber Mountain; Lyrix fails and is transformed into an Ice Hunter, but still obtains the exact location of the Fire Wing Harness that Senix had destroyed; the Tigers and Mammoths defeat Senix and extract him from the Purple City.
  • Iroquois and his Icebears win the battle for Crystal Crater, and the Scorpions retreat; to get revenge on the icebears in general, rogue scorpions from Crystal Crater bomb the Purple City, destroying the city and all the icebears within; Titus and Malgus II debate on what to do with the captured Tenebrae/Senix, while the Forgotten try to take Senix themselves to test the "fire chi purification"; the Forgotten also defeat the Sabertoothes in Southernfell, claiming the region as a headquarters location; Senix is rescued from the Tigers and Mammoths by his remaining Icebears; Scorm is transported to Scorm City's castle by Scrin, and attempts to retake control of the Scorpion Tribe, easily usurping Scorpio, who is rescued by a spy from the Republic of the Claw before he can be killed by his father; Scrin arrives in Scorm City's castle as well, reprimanding Scorm, but is unwittingly followed by Scordon Freeman; a spider within the castle contacts Skaulus and Stannis Rax about these events.
  • Skaulus Rax leads the Arachnid Alliance armies into the Iron Mountains, to gain more territory and continue his war with the Empire of Balance; after claiming some of the Empire's mountain territory and being contacted about the events in Scorm City, Skaulus takes part of the Spider Army to Scorm City, to eliminate Scorm and Scrin before the Scorpions find out about their presence; as soon as the Spiders arrive in the throne room, Scordon Freeman attacks Scrin, and the two of them, while fighting, fall into a portal to an unknown dimension; Skaulus captures Scorm, who fell unconscious, and discreetly orders his spiders to eliminate all scorpions who knew about Scorm's return, due to their revived King's desire to terminate the Arachnid Alliance; Spalyx Vance extracts Scorm, and temporarily takes charge of the Forgotten because of Scrin's disappearance; meanwhile, Seris Rax declares Scordon Island an independent nation for the same reason.
  • Unichi forces continue their invasion of the Outlands in order to get into Black Fang Mountain, while Skaulus and Stannis Rax initiate another battle with the Empire of Balance, in the Grassy Plains; it is a trap set for Leodus, who is seemingly fatally wounded during the battle; Skaulus expands the Arachnid Alliance's territory into the Northern Outland Mountains, where Malgus and Lyrix hunt for the Fire Wing Harness Senix destroyed; Senix and Lycor pursue Malgus and Lyrix, forming a temporary alliance in the process; Skaulus attacks Senix, Lycor, Malgus, and Lyrix when he sees them fighting in the Northern Outland Mountains; Leodus' temporarily disembodied spirit tells Lycor about Senix's true identity and plan; Lycor kills Senix, and tracks Lyrix, while Malgus reforges the Fire Wing Harness to fit himself, gaining both fire and ice powers and becoming the Elemental Wizard; Malgus kills Skaulus for his interference, and returns to the Mammoths, apparently devoted now to finding the rest of the Fire Wing Harnesses.

The Rise of Unichi & the Tribal Summit[]

  • After learning about his father's death, Stannis Rax becomes the Spider King, and ends the war with the Empire of Balance; Scorponok intercepts and attacks Lycor in the Northern Outland Mountains to avenge Scorpix; Lycor blinds Scorponok but leaves him alive, and pursues Lyrix back into the south; after learning that their spy within the Scorpion Tribe was killed by the Spiders, Craunus Maximus and Calloran Fen have the Republic of the Claw join the rest of Unichi in their invasion of the Outlands; the Republic of the Claw drives Scorpio and the returned Scorpia out of Scorm City, finally becoming the governing body of the Scorpion Tribe; much of the Outlands are conquered by Unichi.
  • Lion Elder Lycan, the father of Lyrix, becomes the temporary Supreme Regent of the Lion Tribe after King Lavuras' disappearance, and appoints Lyndis and Leon, the parents of Lycor, as his chief advisors; Lycan builds up the Lion Tribe's military, wary of the Ice Hunters and the surrounding tribes that aren't part of the Chima Alliance; Lycan sends Lion reinforcements to the Minor Tribes HQ, to help their allies defend against the Sabertoothes; enlisting the temporary help of Lyrix, Rica has the ice lion freeze Radnar, who'd refused to join the war; Rica retakes control of the Raven Tribe, declares the creation of the new Razarian Monarchy, and takes the Raven forces to Minor Tribes territory; the Sabertoothes attacking the Minor Tribes HQ are pushed into retreat by the combined forces of the Minor Tribes, Lions, and Ravens, before Razic and Razar rendezvous with Rica.
  • Scordon Freeman, Scorpio, and Scorpia are captured by Scorm and the extremist scorpions who bombed the Purple City; a Republic spy within this group contacts Craunus Maximus, who sends Scorpion forces to Scorm's small base in the Northern Outland Mountains, to capture the former King; Spalyx Vance tells Lycan about Scorm, and Lycan, considering Scorm a criminal who should be returned to the Lions, sends the rebuilt Lion Air Force to capture him; Spalyx rescues Scordon, Scorpia and Scorpio escape alone, and the Scorpions defeat Scorm's faction, but the Lions capture Scorm (as well as making his resurrection public at Spalyx's request), causing a dispute between the Lion and Scorpion tribes; Craunus Maximus and Scordon Freeman go to the Lion City to discuss the custody of Scorm with Lycan, but after stating his reasoning for capturing Scorm, Lycan explains why he won't hand over the prisoner; the scorpions leave, but Scordon returns and infiltrates the dungeons where Scorm is being held; Scordon easily breaks Scorm out, unknowing that this was part of Lycan's new plan.
  • Galvanor, desiring to learn about his past before he arrived in Chima, eventually flies all the way to Gryphon Island without needing food or rest, due to his "zombie" state; upon avoiding the patrolling Rays and setting foot on the island, his memories of his early life are restored, and Galvanor flies back east, to the Phoenix Isles; thanks to Lycor having earned fire chi for the lion species, the gryphon is able to steal and plug fire chi without passing the Fire Trials, retroactively earning its usage for the eagle species in the process, and reversing his Ice hunter transformation; he then hides in the Eagle Spire's library, filling himself in on Chima's history, before stealing the battle mask of the late Eagle King Erdrik to conceal his face.
  • In the Spider Caverns, Stannis Rax meets with Speli Vance, who reveals that he, too, had been reanimated by Scrin, and the two discuss an alliance between the Spiders and Forgotten; now posing as a returned King Erdrik, Galvanor takes control of the Eagle Tribe, telling them about the existence of the Manta Ray Empire; he's visited by Edessa Cubbage and Eris, representing the Forgotten Eagle Sect; the Sabertooth Tribe's infighting (resulting from Sabradia's recent disappearance) is quelled by Fatalis, who regroups the tribe, soon before Saban returns to Saber Mountain.
  • Continuing to act as Erdrik, Galvanor sends out eagle messengers to all major factions, even the Ice Tribes, proposing a Tribal Summit to discuss the state of affairs; Lycor fails to capture Lyrix, who is taken by Malgus to be reverted back to his original form; the Elemental Wizard attempts to take and "purify" the transformed Tristram as well, but the former Tiger King refuses, and a fight ensues between them in the Valley of Balance; "Erdrik" heads to New Bat Island, to confirm if the Bats know about the Manta Ray Empire; in Southernfell, Badrian Shepard proposes a takeover of the Croc Swamp by the Forgotten and remaining Crocs, who'd sent him a message to request this, soon before Scordon returns to the region with Scorm in tow; Scorpia and Scorpio return to Scorm City and are let in by Praetor Scarabus, who reveals to them the full story of Scorpix and the Republic of the Claw; Scorm himself, having escaped from the Forgotten, then arrives at Scorm City, and Praetor Sirius meets with him, hoping to reach a truce between the now democratic Scorpion Tribe and the former King.
  • Vultures and Leopards arrive on the Phoenix Islands to see how Viona has been leading the Phoenix, and try to declare the tribe part of the Empire of Balance, but Viona, pretending to have lost her memories of her life as a vulture, denies them this; the Tribal Summit invitations are received by every tribe, as "Erdrik" briefly meets with Bliston on New Bat Island, discussing the Manta Ray Empire; the Vultures, now mistakenly thinking, thanks to Viona, that being "purified" by fire chi can sometimes brainwash an ice hunter into thinking they're a phoenix, elect not to use fire chi to lift their curse.
  • Malgus defeats Tristram, and reverts him and Lyrix back to their original forms, dropping them off on the Isle of Neutrality, setting off to find more Fire Wing Harnesses; Tristram and Lyrix, found by Leanna Luggington, decide to stay on Lincoln's island; most of Chima's tribes accept the Eagles' invitation, and their leaders or representatives go to the Bat embassy atop Mount Cavora to attend the Tribal Summit, with the Scorpion Consuls representing Unichi as a whole, and the Sabertoothes, Icebears, and Rhinos not attending; the Ravens represent the Forgotten as well, and the Lions, Ravens, and Minor Tribes represent the Chima Alliance as a whole, with the Bears not attending; at the Tribal Summit, Leodus reveals that Malgus and the Empire of Balance agreed to search for the rest of the Fire Wing Harnesses, to kickstart a Third Great Illumination; "Erdrik" agrees to help in this restoration of the continent's Elemental Balance, and reveals the existence of the Manta Ray Empire to Chima's tribes, explaining his goal to completely wipe out the rays.
  • In Southernfell, the Forgotten, aided by their new allies the Spiders, launch their Croc Swamp crusade, which is actually a "rescue mission" to extract the remaining Crocs (Forgotten volunteers) from between the Wolves and Lions' territories; due to a misunderstanding of the Forgotten's intent, a battle between them and the occupying Wolves and Lions almost occurs; before Spalyx Vance and Lyndis meet in the Croc Swamp, preventing such a battle from happening, Lycan receives word of the Forgotten's "invasion", using that, as well as Scordon's recent war crime of liberating Scorm from the Lions (which Lycan had planned) to oust the Forgotten as "dangerous enemies"; the Tribal Summit goes unexpectedly, as "Erdrik" and Lycan declare war on the Manta Ray Empire and Forgotten, respectively; immensely frustrated at the Lion Regent, "Erdrik" leaves, bringing the meeting to an abrupt close as the other tribe leaders leave in confusion.

The Return of the Reincarnations & the Birth of Primordium[]

  • In Scorm City, Sirius succeeds in convincing the now amnesiac Scorm that the former King himself was the founder of the Republic, ending Scorpion Tribe infighting at last; Wol’jin does not attend the Tribal Summit, as he had been overthrown by Lobo, who abolishes the Wolf Tribe’s government, as well as their alliance with the Gorillas and Scorpions; in response, the Gorillas and Scorpions meet and eventually ally with the Forgotten, adding them as the new third faction in Unichi to replace the Wolves; Stannis Rax shows himself to the Scorpion Consuls, revealing that the Spider Tribe had already been allied with the Forgotten; the Spider King says that he will aid Unichi in retaking Crystal Crater from the Icebears, in addition to simply dissolving the Spider Tribe into the Forgotten, if the Scorpions give the Spiders shares of Crystal Crater’s mining profits; the Consuls agree.
  • Fal’qar, after escaping captivity, manipulates a returned and mentally unstable Set-Ra into attacking the Eagles, to distract the Phoenix from his escape; “Erdrik” arrives back from the Tribal Summit in time to defeat the Phoenix forces, and Set-Ra retreats; in the Wastelands, the Stinger Brotherhood finally begins to regroup, searching for Scorponok; before they can find their leader, Fal'qar gets to Scorponok first, "awakening" Zarak; summoning the Chi Ghost of their ally Tenebrae at the Forever Rock, Fal'qar and Zarak discuss what to do next, but are confronted by Lycor and Leodus; Tenebrae and the remaining members of the Phoenix Triumvirate explain how they're trying to prevent a complete Great Illumination, which would reset the universe, but Malgus reveals himself and declares he'll do just that; the Elemental Wizard forces Zarak's soul out of Scorponok's body with magic, preventing the phoenix from reincarnating with his memories intact again; Malgus does the same with Fal'qar and sends Tenebrae back to the Chi Ghost Realm during the ensuing battle, but is eventually defeated by Lycor and Leodus; Malgus is taken into Mammoth custody by his son, while Leodus takes the wizard's former Fire Wing Harness to the Golden City; Lycor meets with Scorponok, who explains how he no longer desires revenge against the lion after summoning and speaking with Scorpix; the Chi Ghost elects to remain in Chima for the time being, and flies off just before the Stinger Brotherhood arrive to pick up Scorponok; Malgus II becomes the Mammoth King, while Scorponok begins to build Scorpix City in the Northern Outland Mountains.[5]
  • Aided by the Ravens and Lions, the Minor Tribes drive the remaining Sabertoothes out of their territory, but not before the sabertoothes steal inland tribes technology, in the form of a pack tracker the Wolves had provided the Minor Tribes with; at the same time, Lycan sends the entire Lion Air Force to bomb Saber Mountain, since the Sabertoothes' southern bases have all fallen, and since Fatalis hadn't attended the Tribal Summit; the Lions don’t succeed in destroying the HQ, since they’re beat back by forces commanded by Saban; meanwhile, just as the Forgotten are leaving the swamp with their volunteers, the rest of the Croc Tribe, now led by Sobek, finally returns after being incidentally rescued from Black Fang Mountain by Unichi; Sobek meets with Lyn and Lobo, and the latter agrees to give the Wolves’ half of the Croc Swamp back to the Crocs in exchange for an alliance.
  • Set-Ra, back in his right mind, returns to Eagle Spire, apologizes to “Erdrik”, and explains that he’d been usurped by the false Queen Fiona; “Erdrik” agrees to attack the Phoenix Isles and reinstate Set-Ra as the Phoenix King/Emperor, if Set-Ra allies the Phoenix with the Eagles in return; Set-Ra agrees, and convinces Sobek and Lobo to ally the Crocs and Wolves with the Eagles, forming the new alliance Primordium; after “Erdrik” meets with Vamprah, the Vulture Lord agrees to reveal Viona’s identity to the public, claiming truthfully that her takeover of the Phoenix had not been approved by the Vultures; Primordium then attacks the Phoenix Isles, as “Fiona” is reinforced by the Lions, who hope to defeat the Eagle King then and there; during the battle, “Erdrik” kills Lycan, seemingly kills Lycor, and defeats Viona, but not before the former two unmask him; Viona is recovered and returned to the Vultures by Vamprah, and Set-Ra reclaims his title as King/Emperor, adding the Phoenix Tribe to Primordium.
  • At the same time, King Finglor returns with the rest of the Sabertooth royal family, retaking control of the tribe; Unichi, in return for the Forgotten’s allegiance, use the Gorilla Fleet to help their new allies start their expedition of the West Sea; elsewhere on the sea, Lycor, who’d survived the Battle of the Phoenix Isles, ends up on New Bat Island; he meets with Bliston, who reaffirms that the Bats had destroyed the only Manta Ray Empire scout ship that’d ever come near, and the Bat King states that he will side with the Chima Alliance if necessary, to prevent Primordium from starting an unnecessary war with the foreign tribe; Lycor returns to Lion City, is crowned Lion King, and makes a speech to Chima, revealing Erdrik’s true identity as Galvanor the gryphon, and declaring that he will capture the false Eagle King in order to prevent him from invading the Mantas and making the Empire aware of Chima’s existence; this officially begins the Second Chima Civil War.

The Second Chima Civil War[]

  • In response to Lycor's speech, Galvanor makes a public address to Chima, removing his mask and briefly explaining the history of the fallen Gryphon Tribe, and his claim to the Eagle throne through adoption; after declaring that he will destroy the Manta Ray Empire before they can destroy Chima regardless of who allies with him, Galvanor immediately has any known eagle dissenters captured before they can fight against his leadership; he grows weary of the Forgotten living in the Eagle lands, keeping constant watch on them, and contacts Set-Ra, convincing the Phoenix King to cut off fire chi shipments to all tribes and factions outside of Primordium.
  • Wol'jin secretly forms the Government Restoration Party with the other wolves who want to remove Lobo from his seat of power; he contacts Lycor and the leaders of Unichi, who all agree to help him reclaim his presidency and remove the Wolves from Primordium; Wol'jin meets with Ghana, Craunus Maximus, and Leon in the Great Forest to plan this operation; Wol'jin comes up with the idea to use the old tunnel network the Republic of the Claw had dug beneath the Crocodile, Wolf, and Eagle lands to infiltrate Lobo's headquarters; the present wolves, scorpions, and lions put this plan into action, while Ghana returns to Gorilla HQ to report to President Gorvan on the matter.
  • Lycor sends Lyndis back to the Crocodile Swamp, along with reinforcements, to secure the Lions' claim to the northern half of the region; however, despite Lyn being there to "negotiate", this is actually a plan to draw in and kill Sobek, to remove Primordium of one of its leaders; Whit interrupts the standoff between Lyn and Sobek before the battle can begin, but he quickly leaves, only for Crocodiles led by Queen Carina to arrive, exposing Sobek as a pretender to the throne; Sobek escapes with the Crocs in hot pursuit, and after being notified of this, Lycor has the Lions abandon their claim to the swamp.
  • A scorpion hostage, Scodrick, is sent to Saber Mountain by the Icebears to inquire the returned Finglor about the Ice Hunters' alliance; Finglor's wife, the White Lioness, takes a force of Sabertooths to accompany Scodrick to the Outlands, through ancient tunnels below the Iron Mountains; Lycor contacts the Bears, and finds out that Blitz Bridger and Baldemar have both disappeared, leaving the tribe in the hands of General Wotjek, who has merged the majority of the Bears with the Forgotten; Lycor instructs the Bear Commander he talks with to shape the remaining Chima Alliance Bears into a fighting force, and await further orders.
  • After finding out about Sobek's usurping and the subsequent removal of the Crocodile Tribe from Primordium, Galvanor calls Set-Ra and Lobo to attack the Lion City with him, in order to eliminate or capture Lycor and end the war; in the Minor Tribes HQ, Petricoff and Fives find out that their leader, Traxx, has abruptly left; they, as well as the Gorillas, are then notified of Primordium's attack on the Lion City; in the Croc Swamp, Carina puts her plan to rescue Crogar into action, and the Crocodiles begin swimming north through Chima's rivers; Carina's army storms an Ice Hunter stronghold in the Arctic, successfully extracting Crogar; during this time, however, the Sabertooths resume their invasion of the south via guerrilla warfare, kidnapping and freezing citizens of various southern tribes via the Tigers' Ancient Tunnels; when he finds out about the Battle of Lion City, Finglor takes a force of Sabertooths to attack the Lions from behind, coming up into the Lion Castle's chi pool / throne room; elsewhere in the Arctic, Vamprah, after having been told of the events at the Forever Rock[5] by Leodus, attempts to convince King Malgus II into adding the Mammoths to the Empire of Balance, but he is unsuccessful.
  • During the Battle of Lion City, Galvanor's goal to force the neutral tribes into joining Primordium through the fire chi restrictions backfires, as Unichi, the Empire of Balance, the Bats, and the remaining Alliance Bears join the war to aid the Chima Alliance against Primordium; now exponentially outnumbered, the Phoenix retreat, and the Eagles and Wolves follow suit; the Phoenix return to their isles to find their former allies, the Tigers, confronting them regarding the fire chi restrictions; Set-Ra, returning to using his true name Winslow, realizes how Galvanor had manipulated him, and tells the Tigers he'll remove the Phoenix from Primordium and return to distributing fire chi to all southern tribes; at Lion City, Lycor's focus shifts to driving out the Sabertooths within; meanwhile, Lyrix returns to the mainland, aiming to avenge his father by killing Galvanor; Lyrix is "drawn" to Malgus' former Fire Wing Harness, which the lion is destined to don, and he steals the Fire Wings from the Leopards, using them to fly to Lion City and attack Galvanor; the Eagle King manages to escape, however, and Leodus convinces Lyrix to help drive the Sabertooths' out with his newfound power; within the castle, Lyndis and Lynna prevent the Sabertooths from getting to the Lions' fire chi storeroom; a combined force of Lions, Scorpions, and Bats eventually drive out the Sabertooths after an extremely long battle.

Primordium's Downfall & the Resurgent Stinger Brotherhood[]

  • Scorpions dissatisfied with the Republic's system, ex-Combine and Forgotten scorpions, and generally leaderless scorpions from across Chima gather to the newly constructed Scorpix City, making new lives as part the Stinger Brotherhood, and growing the faction at a fast rate even as Chima's wars continue outside the Wastelands; Scorponok heavily militarizes his faction, particularly its air force, as he prepares to launch a bold attack and annexation of the Phoenix Isles; this is prevented, however, when Scorponok contacts Winslow for negotiations, and the Phoenix King confirms that he's ended the fire chi restrictions; elsewhere in the Northern Outland Mountains, Whit, who'd kidnapped Beale, gathers the beaver's friends to negotiate his release.
  • In Black Fang Mountain, now a Unichi stronghold after being seized from the Sabertooths, the Scorpions and their allies gather to prepare for the inevitable battle with the Ice Hunters; aiming to retake Crystal Crater from the Icebears, Stannis Rax and Calloran Fen gather all the help they can get; they are contacted by Scorponok, who reveals that he and his faction still live, and sends Silas with the Stinger Brotherhood's ready air force to help retake the scorpion peoples' homeland as a show of good faith; Winslow, following his radio conversation with Scorponok, also arrives with the Phoenix (and a fresh supply of fire chi) to reinforce Unichi in their attack; another force of Leopards travels to the southeast to reinforce Unichi.
  • Lobo returns to Wolf City with the battered Wolf Army, only to be ambushed by Wol'jin, Leon, Craunus Maximus, and their respective forces, who'd infiltrated the Government Building through the Republic of the Claw's tunnels; the Battle of Wolf City is brief, as Lobo unexpectedly surrenders; Wol'jin, surprised by this, allows Lobo to remain in the Wolf Tribe, under watch; Wol'jin regains his presidency as the Wolf Government is restored, and the Wolf Tribe returns to Unichi; the Wolves remain in Chima to defend the southwest now that the Sabertooths' have resumed their invasion, and Craunus Maximus takes his Scorpion forces to Black Fang Mountain.
  • Imperial spy Leonard, despite having been contacted by Leodus and urged to bring the Battle of Lion City to the Forgotten's attention, privately refuses to fight the Eagles, and has a brief mental breakdown due to his tangled allegiances; the lion ultimately decides to side with the Eagles, and, despite failing to prevent the Forgotten's participation in the Battle of Lion City, forms his own plan to end the war with limited eagle casualties; leaving Southernfell, Leonard meets with the Forgotten Eagle Sect, telling them his plan (which he frames as Scordon Freeman's orders) to intercept Galvanor upon the Eagle King's return, dethrone the gryphon, and instate a Forgotten King or Queen through a combination of force and propaganda, thus presumably ending the Second Chima Civil War; Galvanor arrives before this can happen, revealing that he'd planted listening devices in the Forgotten's local bases; Galvanor reveals to Leonard that he actually is the heir to the Eagle throne, having been the only son, even if adopted, of the Eagle King 819 years prior; Galvanor explains how loyalty to the Eagles and loyalty to him are one and the same, so Leonard sides with the Eagle King, cutting ties with the other factions he'd been involved with.

1—17 Years After the Roleplay (AR)[]

  • At some point during or after the events of the Roleplay, an incomplete Great Illumination is enacted, permanently restoring the Elemental Balance by removing fire chi, the Fire Wing Harnesses, and the Ice Hunters' powers (as well as their physical transformations) from Chima; the main Phoenix Tribe may or may not have returned to Chima's sun following this, and the magic used by the Mammoth Mages, Leodus, and the Leopard Druids remains, minus any element-related abilities, and with the magic users' "immortality" removed; Scorm's immortality is also removed, and Scorponok's vision is returned.
  • Ghana is officially elected Gorilla President at some point before 10 AR, and her term ends that year.
  • Guzma is elected Gorilla President in the year 11 AR, and his term lasts until 15 AR.
  • Gorvan is re-elected Gorilla President in 16 AR.

18—27 AR[]

  • Celica Fen (the daughter of Calloran Fen) joins the Stinger Brotherhood when she marries Scorponok's son, Scorion, in 20 AR; their daughter, Solaris Fen, is born later that year.
  • Gorvan's term as Gorilla President ends in 25 AR, and Grievous is elected in 26 AR.

28—30 AR[]

(To be added.)

31—45+ AR[]

  • Grievous' term as Gorilla President ends in 35 AR.
  • George Herbert Walker Bush is elected Gorilla President in 36 AR, and his term ends in 45 AR.

That is, so far, the end of Chima's recorded history.


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