The Crawler Empire was formed by Kings Bliston and Scorm during the time of the RP. It was comprised of the Bat and Scorpion tribes, but eventually allied with the Crocodile and Eagle tribes, the former being a military ally. The Crawler Empire took over large portions of Chima and the Outlands, before eventually being defeated by the Ice Hunters.


Rather than having a single Emperor, the Crawler Empire had a leadership structure similar to ancient Sparta, with two hereditary kings having equal leadership. Scorm and Bliston were the first kings of their respective lines, to be succeeded by their sons, Scorpio and Bernard. Scorm and Bliston were both eventually captured by the inland tribes, but since Scorpio was also captured, and Bernard was only a baby at the time, the second-in-commands of the Bat and Scorpion tribes had to take over.

  • Steward-turned-Grand Admiral Balthazar temporarily took over for Bliston.
  • General-turned-Supreme Leader Scorpix temporarily took over for Scorm.
  • Scortica Breen, Scorm's brother, was eager for a chance to lead the scorpions, and indirectly engaged in competition with Scorpix.


(This is for members of the Crawler Empire, not for all the members of each species)


  • 2ic— Steward Bratta, sister of Bliston (Formerly, betrayed the Empire)
  • 2ic— Grand Admiral Balthazar (Formerly, ranked up to 1ic) [Deceased]
  • 3ic— General and Black Overwatch field commander Barney Balhoun (Formerly, betrayed the Empire)
  • 4ic— Sky General Brakket (Formerly, ranked up to 3ic, then 2ic)
  • 5ic— General Badrar (Formerly, ranked up to 4ic, then 3ic)


  • 2ic— Queen Scorpia (Formerly)
  • 2ic— Prince Scorpio (Formerly, ranked up to 1ic)
  • 2.5ic— High General Scorpix (Formerly, ranked up to 1ic) [Deceased]
  • 2.5ic— High General Scorpius
  • 3ic— Head Engineer Scortica Breen (Formerly, betrayed the Empire) [Deceased]
  • 4ic— Deathstalker Leader Scorponok (Formerly)


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