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The Eagle Tribe, aka the Eagles, is the group of Eagles that live in Chima. They live on the Eagle Spire, east of Mount Cavora. The Eagles are a proud people, very intelligent. They, like the Ravens, are naturally able to fly.


  • King Elrond was the leader of the eagle tribe 30 years before the Roleplay.
  • Eeran was the leader of the eagles at the time of the RP, but had to step down after suffering seemingly career-ending injuries at the hands of Rawlin.
  • Eaglak is the current leader of the eagles in the RP.


The Eagles, naturally, are capable of creating quality aerial vehicles.


  • Eaglak was the eagles' second-in-command, before having to take over as the leader.
  • Eglor is a canon Chima character, but exists in the Roleplay continuity as well. He's a scientist in both universes. He was friends with Dr. Radcliffe 3 years BR.
  • Erlin, the mother of Rawlin, used to live with the other eagles.
  • Ewinus is the current second-in-command, as has handled the Crawler Occupation on behalf of his leader, making peace with the Crawler Empire.
  • Edessa Cubbage (Former Eagle Colonel, now Forgotten Eagle Sect Leader.)
  • Eris (A Famous Former Eagle Warrioress, now Forgotten Eagle Sect Field Commander)