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The Fanon Approval Committee (generally referred to as the FAC) is a group of elected users who examine fanon materials, vehicles, weapons, et cetera, and either reject or accept it, sometimes imposing restrictions on fanon submissions.


The FAC exists to stop fanon vehicles, weapons, materials and concepts running wild and ruining the roleplay. If something is not canon to Chima, it has to be passed through the FAC, which will either reject it, accept it as it is, or accept it with certain alterations and limitations.


April-June 2017[]

At its start, the FAC consisted of four members: Shamrock7203, FelipeDutra, TorahVision and BR!MSTONE. This lasted until Brimstone went inactive.


egorsmirnov filled Brimstone's seat. After Torahvisions retirement it was decided that the FAC would be a 3 man organisation to avoid ties.