LEGO Legends of Chima Roleplay Wiki

An immensely important event taking place 1,000 years before the events of the Roleplay, the First Great Illumination set in motion the rest of Chima's timeline. This event is shrouded in mystery, and it's unknown wether it was a completely natural occurrence, or caused by the Phoenix.

Immediate Results[]

  • Earthquakes are accidentally started by the massive phenomenon, and The Great Desert is split down the middle by the quakes, creating The Gorge of Eternal Depth.
  • All the members of the Bat, Scorpion, and Spider species fall into the Gorge as it's opened, subsequently preventing them from being evolved like the other species.
  • Black Mountain is split off from the other Outland Mountains by the quakes, and slides southeast.
  • Holes are opened in Mount Cavora, causing water to pour forth (note: in the Chima RP timeline, Cavora wasn't torn from the surface until the Second Great Illumination); the mysterious energy of the Illumination molecularly fuses with the water of Cavora, transforming it into chi.
  • All the animal species on the eastern continent of Chima except the bats and arachnids drink the chi, evolving into smarter, humanoid beings.
  • Chi springs like the one in Cavora are opened on the future New Bat Island and the Western Continent; the manta and sting Rays drink the chi on the Western Continent, evolving.

Results in the Aftermath[]

  • The Rays claim the entire barren Western Continent, and their population subsequently grows immensely there, due to there being no natural opposition or competition.
  • The Chimians divide by species into tribes, and the Lion Tribe claims the land directly at the foot of Mount Cavora.
  • Unearthed soil that'd been beneath Black Mountain spills out onto the formerly lifeless land east of the Outland Mountains, creating the jungles of the Outlands.
  • Emperor Tenebrae takes command of the Tiger Tribe, and challenges the Lions' control over Cavora, causing the Tiger—Lion War to begin in the year 995 BR.