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Gible first appeared here:

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He was born in 27 BR in the Gorilla Republic. And so his entire life was under Gorbav and the Gorilla republic, his father was a gorilla named Gabite and Grandfather was Garchomp personal servant of King Gortphiik.

He would describe his early life to Franz Conrad, as such:

Life description[]

" Well I am a pretty regular gorilla, grew up a normal  lower-middle class life, got good grades got a scholarship to the top uni"

"Gorbav university. Studied as an engineer, and joined the army corps of engineers. Got married, worked at the great desert frontier force."

"Well I got sent to the West Sea to help build it up, in just a week, we turned that settlement, which was pretty nice, into a full on tourist resort, 12 hour days, the work went on 24/7. Then I went back to the great desert, met some crawlers, and decided to go back to the West Sea. Its a calm nice life there"


Amongst the awards he holds the:

  • West Sea Frontier Order
  • Great Desert Order
  • High Order Of The Engineer
  • Order of the National Hero - (Given by Franz Conrad)

Rp life time[]

Gible would drop a bunch of chi orbs down into the Gorge of eternal depth whilst serving as an Engineer in The Outlands, he would not think much of it however he did face disciplinary actiona nd that recording was kept for later.

Gible was on of 4 gorillas to see the effects of the Gorbav gun in full force.

Gible would later work at Casablanche the West Sea Outpost of the gorillas where he earned the West Sea Frontier Order, he moved his family there

Gible would continue work at the Great Desert Outpost, until one day sneaking up on 5 scorpions and revealing the fact that Gible dropped the chi into the gorge.He would also prove his great strength to the scorpions.

He would later be met at the West sea by Franz Conrad, who at first he didn't recognize and acted rather rude to, however after revealing himself and a 200,000 Goa bribe, he took Franz Conrad to rhino lands.