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Gorbav: A Chima Roleplay Prequel story, is a prequel set 30 years before the start of the roleplay it written by egorsmirnov. And it details the rise to power of Gorbav, his allies, rivals and enemies.

It consists of many arcs such as:

  • Revolutionary setup
  • Battle over eagle spire.
  • The revolution's beginnings
  • Battle of Liverstone
  • Reaction - (a series of small scale chapters, discussing foreign reactions, and the internal strife)
  • Naval revolt
  • The Great Strike
  • The Catalan Crisis (Which lasts 14 chapters)
  • The Ghana Offensive (5 chapters, 8 posts, 1 battle took 3 posts)
  • The Collapse (The disaster between chapters 51-53)
  • The siege of the gorilla HQ (Which lasts 15 chapters)
  • The capture of the Siege HQ