LEGO Legends of Chima Roleplay Wiki


The war began over 2 main issues:

  • Eagle expansions in the unclaimed land and great forest, threatening future gorilla interests
  • Eagles laying claim to artifacts found near the eagle/ gorilla border.

Goals - Eagles[]

  • Assert power and future leverage over the gorillas
  • Prove the might of new eagle military technology
  • Secure valuable mysterious artefacts,
  • Secure Eagle legitimacy over their claimed territory
  • Push eagle claims in the unclaimed lands, and secure those territories

Goals - Gorillas[]

  • Prove the might of the Gorilla Army
  • Prove that the gorillas are a strong nation, and not some backwater
  • Secure the border regions of the gorilla tribe
  • Challenge and evict eagles, from the mutually unclaimed lands.
  • Halt eagle expansionism
  • Secure valuable artefacts for future exploitation and empowerment of the gorillas