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The Gorilla HQ was made by egorsmirnov on the 4th of April 2017. The HQ is controlled by the Gorillas

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This is the official layout page of the HQ (with egorsmirnov changes):

Deep in the forest of the falling leaves amongst the tops of the trees the gorillas live and reside in there gorilla huts, right beside the great tree of life. Place your profile below.

Medical divison:. Limit (Infinite): *the gorilla tribe has ranks for each of its divsions, promotions  are made by the 1st or 2nd ic there is no limit to how many people can be of each rank, they are arranged from highest to lowest*

1) Holy healer 2) Grand doctor 3) Doctor 4) Healer 5) Medic 6) Medical officer 7) Health assistant 8) Student

Peace division: Limit: (Infinite) 1) Goldenback Gorilla Chi warrior 2) Silverback Gorilla Chi warrior 3) Goldenback gorilla warrior 4) Silverback Gorilla warrior 5) Chi Gorilla Warrior 6) Gorilla warrior

The HQ is led by the Gorilla known as President Gorbav, who had come to power through a civil war, the backstory can be found here:


A lot of misconceptions exist about the Gorilla HQ. The HQ consists of many levels, including a ground level. The ground level consist of very wide stone walk ways, and many canals going through the HQ itself. There are many 2-story houses, and a lot of factories and public services on the ground level. The upper floors consists entirely of tree huts, each with a unique design, there are levels and levels of such huts, mostly made of wood. Most huts serve as regular tree homes however, there are convenience stores, schools and army garrisons amongst the tree huts although no factories are located higher than ground level.