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The Gorilla Republic is the official legal government, governing the Gorilla Tribe. It is based around the constitution of the Gorilla Republic. The Republic is a federation consisting of 25 federal states, each with its own governor and local representative body.


The gorillas weren't often a free tribe, for many centuries they were ruled by the Gorilla Kingdom. Until in 30 BR Governor Gorbav started the Gorilla Civil war, by declaring the Gorilla Republic. The war was long and only ended on the 6th of February, at which point Gorbav declared the civil war over. And presidential elections were held soon after.

Gorbav's constitution[]

The Gorilla President had the task of writing the constitution and the War Council, was too approve it. Gorba's constitution established the Gorilla Federal Republic (GFR) it also established a body of congress an electoral system, and guaranteed its citizens basic rights.

The constitution consists of several parts:

  1. The Republican Fundamentals
  2. The Bill of Rights
  3. The Presidential powers
  4. The Powers of Congress
  5. The Powers of the Cabinet
  6. Judicial power
  7. Federal Power
  8. Amendments.


All major posts in the Gorilla Republic are elected, currently the GNP controls all branches of government, and most local branches, the elections held on February 23rd, 1 PR, secured the following.

Gorbav wins re-election for 7th term, with 63% of the vote.

GNP wins 136 seats in total, in Congress (68% of all seats in parliament)

The GNP had won 18 of 25 governorships.

The Right to vote.[]

As part of the Gorilla Constitution every Gorilla who is over the age of 16 has the legal right to vote. Any tribesman who is an honorary gorilla also has the right to vote. (Mostly bears in Catalan)