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The Gorilla tribe is currently led by egorsmirnov. With their headquarters at the Gorilla HQ. The tribe is led by General Secretary Gorbav The tribe is very agricultural and holds large amounts of very important crops in there lands. The tribe however also has a lot of industry due to the success of the 5-year-plans.


-Gorilla Republic

-Gorilla Kingdom


Technology, is fairly advanced it is often based on canon, and typically doesn't have much fanon content, except for landcruisers and turrets.


-Gorbav (Leader

-Gokart II (General)

-Gokart III (General)

-Gorbaskus (Ambassador)

-Ga-Chi (Monarchist)

-Father Grigori (Monarchist)

-Gorvan (Premier)

-Yamamoto (Grand Admiral)

-Franz Conrad August Von Hotzendorf (Colonel)

-Ghana (General)

-Che Gurrira (Governor)

-Rico (Lieutenant)

-Garistotle II (Governor)

-Genghis Khan (General)

-Getain (General)

-Gong Krell (General)

-Sato (General )

-Gorring (General)

-Gen Kai Shek (General)

-Goliath (Agent)

-Gortphiik (King)

-Gary Czesku (Revolutionary)

-Gao San Juan El Pedros (Revolutionary)

-Gotta (Engineer)

-George IV (Prince Governor)

-Gali Qing (Premier)

-Gorki (Field Marshall)

-Grievous (Army commander, General, future president)

-George Bush (Aviator, future president)


-Gorbav was based on the last General Secretary of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev