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Name:  Gorring  Rank: General Gender: Male Age: 53 Appearance:  Black furred As you may have gussed based on the german war leader, Hermann Goring,  Weapons:  None


Gorring was born in 83br, he was the son of a Junker (Pronounced Younker) who were the land-owning plantation owners, Gorring always intrested in flying started taking pilot lessons at 15 and was officially a pilot on his 18th birthday (The age minimum). He was a very good professional, and would soon take charge, he had many great ideas about engineering and attended a 5 year course of aeronatutical engineering, where he established many of his principles for the air force, he was declared a general at the age of 48, when he became the chief of the air force

Role in the Eagle - Gorilla war[]

There is no greater proof of Gorring`s talent and well-disciplined, massive airforce, than when his gunships and bombers wiped out the entire eagle jet airforce leaving it in the dust, forcing the eagles to sign a humiliating treaty as they could not bear being toppled

Role in the gorilla civil war.[]

Gorring was to his death a supporter of the Gorillan Kingdom and king Gortphiik.

He proposed bombing the fields on which the republics economy sat upon, which was a rather smart idea, however the other generals viewed it more as a power grab than anything else.

Ghana offensive[]

Gorirng would help attempt to stop the Ghana offensive, however due to poor timing and coordination between him, the other generals and the individual divisions, his airforce charged in too early or too late.

Gen Kai Shek[]

Gorring attempted to convince Gen Kai Shek to join back into the war and the kingdom, however Gen refused believing the monarchy to be a failure.

Killing his daughter[]

Gorring`s command ship was hijacked by Goliath, who during the intense battle between the 2 was revealed to be Gorring`s daughter, Gorring tried to reason and save her, but she commited suicide.


After another hijack of his command ship by Che Gurrira, in which he smashed Che against the Cockpit window, Che crash landed the Sentry killing them both, Gorring died on impact, his last words being: No! No! You will kill us both! I beg of you please… please stop!


"We use the airforce, to knock out their farms, a war isn't won by the strongest army, or the most patriotic, or nationalistic, its won by those, with the greater economy, if we knock out what's holding them up, they will crumble, I propose an end, to all other expenditures, but food for the people, and metals for the airforce, all else is not needed" -The Gorring Plan