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The Icebears are a bear tribe that'd been created by Icestrike during the Bear Civil War. They went on to join the Ice Hunters, defeat the Bat Tribe, and fight in more wars. Despite having their HQ, king, and army destroyed by the Bats, Leopards, and Scorpions, the Icebears have since regrouped under a new leader.



Icestrike was born at the northern edge of the Iron Mountains. He naturally evolved a white fur coat to help him live in a cold environment, making him the first polar bear in Chima's history. When Icestrike was 4 years of age, his parents were attacked and killed by a small group of evil leopard miners, who took Icestrike with them, forcing him to work for them. Icestrike was too young at the time to understand that this was a rogue group of criminals, not associated with the noble Leopard Tribe. As a result, Icestrike hated leopards from then on. Icestrike continued to be forced to mine for the rogue miners. When he was 14 years old, Icestrike used the drill he'd been given to kill all of his captors. (Because of this, Icestrike would later install this drill onto a baton and use it as his personal weapon, as well as design every Ice Bear Mech with a drill arm, dubbing them "Claw Drillers".) 

A depiction of these titular vehicles. Powerful mechs with digging capacity, and mining capabilities.

Bear Civil War[]

Icestrike eventually travelled to the Bear Forest and attempted to takeover the tribe so he could lead an army to wage war against the Leopards, in the year 128 BR. (Excerpted from the Bear Civil War page:) He attempted to assassinate the king and claim leadership of the tribe for himself, in order to lead the army in a war against the Leopards. Icestrike ultimately failed in the attempted assassination of the current king, but he escaped execution and was eventually able to manipulate and convince half of the bears to follow him. This surprised the Bear King, who had his remaining half of the tribe fight Icestrike's splinter faction in order to runite the tribe. Icestrike was already planning on defeating the king with his army and absorbing the king's half of the population into his new bear Tribe, so the two sides attacked each other at the same time, in the middle of the Bear Forest. In the year 125 BR, Having claimed his substantially large army, Icestrike took the icebears up to the Iron Mountains, where they would ally with the Brotherhood of Vultures against the Leopard Tribe, beginning the Ice Bear—Leopard War. (See the Bear Civil War page for a more detailed summary.)

Icebear—Leopard War[]