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JGREAD is a user and roleplayer on the LMBE LEGO Legends of Chima Roleplay.

JGREAD joined LMBE in February 2017. He was one of the first members of the Chima RP, starting in March 2017. He eventually created the Fanon Roleplay, and later founded the LEGO Legends of Chima Roleplay Wiki.

Created Topics on the RP[]

Factions JGREAD has led[]

In the Roleplay[]

Crawler Empire (Formerly)[]

Empire of Balance[]

  • Brotherhood of Vultures
  • Leopards

Arachnid Alliance (Formerly)[]

Chima Alliance[]

  • Bears (Formerly, as a stand-in until Dr. Matthews returned)
  • Lions
  • Ravens (Formerly, as a stand-in until Thefirstdecade returned)

Ice Hunters[]

JGREAD's Characters[]


  • Bliston
  • Lycor
  • Scorpix (Deceased; slain by Lycor atop the Iron Mountains after a final duel)
  • Balthazar (Deceased; assassinated by his bodyguard on board the Ascendancy after a victory against the Icebears and Pirates) [Formerly an NPC]
  • Leodus
  • Vamprah
  • Icestrike (Deceased; cast into the explosion of The Four Talon Towers by Vamprah and Leodus)
  • Malgus
  • Senix (Deceased; backstabbed by Lycor before falling into a lava pit in the Wastelands)
  • Petricoff
  • Skaulus Rax (Deceased; struck down and incinerated by Elemental Wizard Malgus in the Wastelands)
  • Craunus Maximus [Formerly an NPC]
  • Calloran Fen [Formerly an NPC]
  • Lycan
  • Stannis Rax [Formerly an NPC]


  • Lincoln
  • Leonard
  • Lewis Luggington
  • Leanna Luggington
  • Rex
  • Dr. Benjamin
  • Scorponok
  • Klark [Original character concept by Batonmaster500] (Deceased; shot by a naval bat after betraying and assassinating Batlhazar on board the Ascendancy)
  • Lyrix
  • Gibbs (Deceased; crippled on board the exploding Sea Slicer after a duel with Lyrix)
  • Braxin (Deceased; crippled and left to be eaten by a predator plant after betraying Scorponok)
  • Solrac (Deceased; captured and beheaded on the order of Spider King Skaulus Rax)
  • Severix Rax (Deceased; slain by an Imperial Knight in the Arctic North)
  • Seris Rax
  • Longfang
  • Malgus II
  • Galvanor
  • Sirius
  • Scarabus
  • Lyndis
  • Leon
  • Lyron (Deceased of natural causes; chi ghost appears in the RP)

Expanded Universe Characters[]

  • Dr. Radcliffe (Deceased, bombarded in the Outland Mountains by Rawlin with the MMSC)
  • Crexar (Deceased, destroyed by the same missile bombardment)
  • Corok (Deceased, shot and thrown into the wall of the crumbling WRM HQ in the Iron Mountains by Lyrix)
  • Rezin (Deceased, shot and impaled with three arrows by Razalac in The Great Desert)
  • Rhonux (Deceased, thrown into a building and exploded by a catapulted boulder in the Great Desert)
  • Worgon (Deceased, shot and cast into The Gorge of Eternal Depth by Lyrix)
  • Sezrac (Deceased, incinerated by Longfang in Hunter Prison)
  • Bernard
  • Ludwig Luggington (Deceased of natural causes, mentioned only)


  • Brandon
  • Scorponok II
  • Solaris Fen
  • Scorpix Fen
  • Scourge
  • Belris [Original character concept by Thefirstdecade]
  • Belkor [Original character concept by Thefirstdecade]
  • Lorkahn
  • Lyrene
  • Liovanna Luggington
  • As-yet unnamed female phoenix
  • As-yet unnamed female rhino
  • As-yet unnamed Manta Ray Emperor
  • As-yet unnamed male ray
  • As-yet unnamed female ray
  • As-yet unnamed male ray
  • As-yet unnamed female raven - wife of Rex
  • As-yet unnamed male or female raven - offspring of Rex

Roleplay tie-in Stories[]

Fanon Vehicles[]

  • The Bat Javelin
  • Lycor's Mech-Tank (Destroyed, self-destructed by Lycor in The Great Forest)
  • Lycor's Mech-Tank II (Destroyed, crashed between the Iron Mountains after falling through Icestrike's Ultimate Glacier)
  • Bat Super-Tank
  • Every ship in the Bat Fleet (Most frozen and sunken by the Icebears; their entire crews still alive, however)
  • Prototype Raven Mech (Destroyed, exploded in the Great Forest by Lycor's self-destructing Mech-Tank)
  • Scorpix Golden Stinger Tank (Destroyed, bombed by Ravens in the Iron Mountains)
  • Vulture Mech
  • Balthazar-class Dreadnought
  • Every other futuristic ship in the Bats' Tenth Fleet

Website accounts[]