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The main HQ of the Lions, this city was a major location in the Tiger—Lion War, the Sabertooth Tiger—Lion War, and the Chima Civil War.


(Originally posted by FelipeDutra on the "Lion City - Lion Head Quarters" topic.)

On the rocky hills and plains at the heart of Chima, lies the City of Lions, the largest, and oldest settlement in Chima. Countless generations have lived here, and it is so old that it has been there as long as Chima's inhabitants can remember. Many Kings have ruled over this city, and it has seen wars, revolutions, and very few things are as ancient in Chima.


(Originally posted by FelipeDutra on the "Lion City - Lion Head Quarters" topic.)

The city seems to flow down from the Lion Temple at about one tier of Cavora's height, with terraced fields surrounding it. It appears to dig it's way down between two of the mountain's 'branches', that flank and protect the sides of the metropolis. On the front lie triple walls, extremely thick and tall, with bastions rising out at regular intervals, and silent figures standing watch over them. A great avenue cuts the city in half, leading to the Chi Temple, the only known source of the precious resource known as Chi (note: this was until a Chi spring was discovered in the center of New Bat Island). Spreading from the avenue lies a beautiful city, filled with buildings of different art-styles, from the Medieval to the Victorian to the Art Deco, surrounded by parks, stores, factories, all arranged harmoniously and in an organized fashion.

Lion City from the front.