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“You’re an overly ambitious young man trying manipulate the tribes of Chima into invading a non-aggressive foreign tribe, clearly for the sake of some petty revenge. Whoever you are, wearing the mask of Erdrik and defiling his name, you are a threat to Chima and the natural order of things, and I swear I will stop you.” -Lycan to Galvanor.

Lycan is an RPC created by JGREAD. He is the father of Lyrix, though his ideological alignment is the exact opposite of his son's. Lycan became the Lion Tribe's temporary Supreme Regent during a period without a king, and aimed to restore to Chima the "light of order" that the Lions are known for. However, his obsession with exposing Galvanor's deception to the people of Chima would lead him to be killed during the battle that incited the Second Chima Civil War.


Early Life[]

Lycan, a descendant of Lyron, the first Lion Field Marshal, was born in 57 BR, four years after his older sister Lyndis. The siblings grew up in the Lion City, where they trained as soldiers. Despite their heritage, neither Lyndis nor Lycan were interested in the rank of Field Marshal, but they both became respected, high-ranking generals in the Lion Army.

Lycan's Career[]

Though they didn't fight in any major wars, Lyndis and Lycan fought in many skirmishes, and quelled many short-lived rebellions within their tribe. Lyndis eventually met and married the Lion Knight Sir Leon while fighting alongside him, and they had their son, Lycor, in the year 32 BR.

When the Gorilla Civil War began in 30 BR, soon after Lycan and his wife had their son, Lyrix, Lycan urged the Lion King to support the Gorillan Kingdom, believing that a society with continued monarchies for the major tribes would be safer and more secure for Chima, and for his new child. Lyndis disagreed with her brother on this. She and Leon predicted that the new Gorilla Republic would win the war, which ended up being the case.

In the year 7 BR, Lycan's wife fell victim to a mysterious illness, and died. Lycan thus became devoted to helping lion scientists develop a cure for the disease, which they eventually did, with his help, in the year 4 BR.


Along with Lyn, Lycan resigned from his position as Lion General at the age of 52, in the year 5 BR; the same year that Lyrix and Lycor became generals in the Lion Army. Lyndis and Lycan were appointed by King Lionel as Lion Elders, wise advisors to both the king and his soldiers, which was the career change Lycan had hoped for.

When Lycor was exiled from the Lion Tribe in 2 BR, Lyndis resigned from her position as an Elder. Lycan retained his position, but, like Lyndis and Leon, strongly believed that his nephew had been framed for the golden chi theft attempt. In the meanwhile, Lyrix became the Lion Field Marshal, an achievement Lycan was immensely proud of. When Lycor returned at the end of the year and revealed that it had been Lyrix who'd framed him, Lycan was shocked, and his relationship with his son was almost irreparably damaged upon Lyrix's exile.

Chima Civil War[]

At the time of the Roleplay, Lycan, Leon, and Lyn attended the Raven-hosted speedor race outside Lion City, which Lycor participated in. When it turned out to be a trap and the Ravens bombarded the Lion territory with missiles, Lycor, who had suspected such, immediately returned to the Lion City to defend the HQ. Lyndis and Leon took Lycan, who'd been incapacitated by the bombardment, to the city's hospital. Lycan missed the battle with the Crocodiles, but was told by Lyn how the war had ended.


While Lyndis and Leon assisted the rebuilding efforts in the damaged parts of the city, a recovered Lycan approached Lionel with a proposal for a multi-tribe allianceto ensure peace. When the MMSC drained the chi from Mount Cavora during the Bat—Raven War soon after, Lyndis, Leon, and Lycor were among the many lions who believed the Talon Industries Ravens to have stolen the chi, and urged Lionel to go to war with them once again. However, Lycan suspected that it was actually the Bats framing Rawlin, which turned out to be the truth.

More Conflicts[]

During the Chima Alliance—Crawler Empire War that soon followed, Lyn, Leon, and Lycan were all taken ill by a common disease within the Lion Tribe (the same disease that'd taken the life of Lycan's wife in 7 BR), so Lycor couldn't ask any of them for advice during his conflict with Scorpix. However, thanks to the cure Lycan had helped discover, he, Lyndis and Leon all recovered by the time of the Crawler—Ice Hunter War. During the Fire—Ice War, after the discovery of the Fire Tribes and the reveal that Lycor had already known about the Leopards, Lycan understood why his nephew had kept that a secret, and only asked that Lycor not forget his loyalty to the Lion Tribe, as Lyrix had.

A New Age[]

When Lycor left Lion City and became an Imperial Knight (but promised Lycan that he'd remain loyal to the Lions as well), Lyndis, Lycan, and Leon essentially had power over the Lion Army, if unofficially. After the disappearances of both King Lionel and replacement King Lavuras, Lycan was elected by the Elders as the temporary Supreme Regent of the Lion Tribe, until the people as a whole elected a new King. Unsurprisingly, Lycan appointed Lyndis and Leon as his chief advisors, so the three of them made up the Lions' new Ruling Council. While militarizing the Lion Tribe and rebuilding the air force, Lycan met with Rex in the Bat Tribe's embassy on Mount Cavora. Though he failed to convince the Bats to join the Chima Alliance, Lycan did gain more knowledge of each of the Ice Tribes, and their respective motives. Lycan then sent part of the Lion Air Force to the Minor Tribes HQ, to reinforce their allies against the Sabertooth Tigers. Lycan also made his stance on The Forgotten clear, commenting on how the chaotic, rapidly-growing faction lacked order, existed as an antithesis to Chima's tribes and traditions, and had been caught spying on tribes on many occasions.

Scorm's Recapture[]

Coincidentally, a Fire Wing-armed Forgotten spider named Spalyx Vance flew to Lion City, and told Lycan about the resurrection of former Scorpion King Scorm, who had been captured by the Lions during the Chima Alliance—Crawler Empire War, before his death. Spalyx stated that, since the revived scorpion appeared to be immortal, he was a potential threat to all of Chima, and his presence should be made public. Lycan agreed, and had Lewis Luggington tell the story in Chima Public Broadcasting. Lycan then sent the rest of the Lion Air Force to Scorm's current location to recapture him, for multiple reasons. Spalyx left with the Air Force (who were also ordered to keep an eye on the Forgotten spider during the battle).

After a successful operation, the Lions brought Scorm before Lycan, and when the scorpion demanded to know what the meaning of this was, Lycan answered by drawing his Valious and striking at Scorm's neck, with the blade bouncing off. Lycan explained that Scorm was to be held in captivity of the Chima Alliance until it was figured out how he became immortal. Scorm swore revenge on Lycan as he was taken to the dungeons. Upon interrogating Scorm, the Lions found that he had no recollection at all about how he was brought back to life and made immortal. During this time, Lycan was surprisingly contacted by Lyrix, who explained how he'd used his new Ice Hunter powers to freeze Radnarus and help reinstate Rica as the Raven Queen. Since this was done in order for the Raven Tribe to play a more active role in the Chima Alliance and help in the war with the Sabertoothes, Lyrix expected to be pardoned by the Lion Tribe as a reward, but it backfired, since Lycan was distrustful of Rica due to her involvement with the Forgotten, and thus angry with his son.

Meeting with Scorpions[]

Craunus Maximus, one of the two Consuls of the Republic that now governed the Scorpion Tribe, came to Lion City soon after, negotiating with Lycan for the former king to be moved to the custody of the Scorpions. Craunus reasoned that Scorm should be returned to his people, and that capturing this overthrown king would strengthen the scorpion populace's trust in the Republic. Lycan then revealed that his reasons for wanting to learn how Scorm was revived and made immortal were to resurrect his late wife, and/or to make an immortal Lion King, to solve the Lions' problem of constantly losing kings. Scordon Freeman, current leader of the Forgotten, and Scorm's killer, joined the meeting after being invited by Lycan. Scordon revealed that he had apparently killed Scrin, the founder of the Forgotten (and the scorpion who had revived Scorm), and had no idea how the scorpion king had been brought back, leaving Lycan with no leads. Lycan stated that he'd have to see if Scorm himself had this information (despite having already done this, unbeknownst to Craunus), declaring that the former king would remain in Lion custody, and leaving Craunus to depart frustrated.

Lycan's New Plan[]

Scordon Freeman left as well. However, predicting correctly that the eccentric doctor would return to break Scorm out, Lycan loosened security in the Lion City, to the point that it would be impossible for Scordon not to escape with Scorm. Lycan also ordered the lions to simply make it appear that they were chasing Scordon on the way out, and then break off the chase by "losing" the scorpions in the plains around the city. This was a conspiracy Lycan set up to allow the Forgotten's leader to break several laws by extracting Scorm from Lion captivity, thus giving the Supreme Regent a tangible reason to justify a declaration of war on the Forgotten, who Lycan now fully distrusted and saw as a threat to Chima after meeting their leader.

The Tribal Summit[]

During Scorm's escape, Lycan was radioed by Lycor, who regretfully informed the Supreme Regent that he hadn't been able to recapture the now fugitive Lyrix, and that the Mammoth King Malgus had taken him instead. Lycan told his nephew to return to Lion City anyhow, and was then sent a letter from the Eagles' current leader, a man claiming to be the old King Erdrik. The letter was an invitation to a Tribal Summit, proposed to be held in the Bats' embassy atop Mount Cavora. Lycan accepted the invitation and told Lycor about it upon his return to the city, ordering the Field Marshal to go to the summit with him as a bodyguard. Lycan also advised Lycor to keep a close eye on "Erdrik" during the meeting.

At the Summit, Lycan met many of Chima's leaders that he hadn't met in person before, such as Vamprah, Leodus, Calloran Fen, Malgus II, Fiona, and the revived Razar. Notable things to come out of the meeting include: Lycan revealing Rica's usurping of Radnar to Chima, "Erdrik" announcing the existence and impeding threat of the Manta Ray Empire, Lycan exposing the Forgotten's crime of breaking Scorm out of Lion captivity, Lycan being notified during the Summit of the Forgotten's "attack" on the Lion-occupied Crocodile Swamp, and most importantly, Lycan and "Erdrik" declaring war on the Forgotten and Rays, respectively. Lycan and "Erdrik" left the embassy while angry at each other, since the former knew the masked Eagle King wasn't who he said he was, and the latter had set up the Summit with the intent of Chima's infighting and uniting as many tribes as possible against the Rays.

Unresolved Matters[]

After coming down from Cavora, Lycan sent the entire Lion Air Force to bomb Saber Mountain in an attempt to end the war with the Sabertoothes, since their new leader, Fatalis, hadn't attended the Summit, so the Sabertoothes still seemed hellbent on destroying the Lions. Lycor disappeared as this occurred. While trying to locate both Lycor and Lyrix, Lycan was met with disappointment when the battered Lion Air Force returned, having been beaten back from Saber Mountain by Saban's forces. Lycan suspected that the young Lord was now being used as a puppet leader by Fatalis due to Saban's royal blood, however this theory was never confirmed.

Strange News[]

Not long afterward, a badly injured adolescent eagle landed at the doorstep of the Lion City, where Lycan had field medics tend to him and question him. Emmet explained that the Phoenix had attacked the Eagle Spire, led by one who claimed to be their king, despite the Phoenix Tribe currently being ruled by Empress Fiona. Perplexed by this, Lycan granted the young eagle a hotel room free of charge in the Lion City until he recovered, and then contacted Lyn, calling her back for a meeting. However, Lyn was delayed due to more business she had to attend to in the Lions' province of the Croc Swamp.

When Lycor finally returned to Lion City a while later, Lycan immediately asked his nephew where he'd gone, and Lycor explained how he and Leodus learned about the true purpose of the Great Illumination; to reset the universe. Equally disturbed by this news, but seeing it as knowledge that could prove useful, Lycan told Lycor to keep it between them for the time being.

Prelude to War[]

Lycan then heard a public announcement from Vamprah, wherein the Vulture Lord revealed Fiona's true identity: Viona, a rogue vulture who apparently defected to the Fire Tribes during the Fire—Ice War, and, through plugging fire chi, had transformed herself into a phoenix-like form, tricking and conquering the Phoenix. Vamprah explained that Set-Ra was the true Phoenix King, and that he had the backing of the Eagles, Wolves, Crocodiles, and Vultures to retake the throne from Viona. Lycan realized that the Eagle King's reason for involving himself in this was not out of any altruistic motive, but, in fact, to add the Phoenix Tribe to his new alliance, and possibly to control the fire chi distribution as well.

Confrontation with Lyndis[]

Lyn then arrived for the meeting, confronting Lycan over his declaration of war on the Forgotten, and Lycan explained his reasoning. He cited the Forgotten's habit of spying on other tribes, how the Forgotten were a "militia of criminals" rather than an actual tribe, and how they refused to ally with any tribe unless a tribe's leaders were literally working for them, as was the case with the Ravens. Lycan told his sister that her stopping the battle from occurring in the Croc Swamp put a dent in his plan to justify a war on the Forgotten. Lyn argued that now was a terrible time to start another inland war during the elemental imbalance and an invasion from the Rays on the horizon, but Lycan told her that the matter of finding the Fire Wing Harnesses and initiating an Illumination had gotten more complex due to what Lycor had learned, and that the Rays weren't planning an invasion; "Erdrik" was. Lycan declared that he'd expose the false Eagle King's true identity, and stop him from convincing the tribes of Chima to invade the Rays, who didn't know of the eastern civilization's existence.

Battle of the Phoenix Islands[]

With "Erdrik" launching his inevitable attack on the Phoenix Temple, Lycan had Lycor organize the Lion Fleet (and what remained of the Air Force) to reinforce Viona, leaving Lyn and Leon in charge of Lion City in the meantime. Arriving in an airship after the battle had already begun at sea and in the air, Lycan urged the hostile forces to halt their attack. "Erdrik" reminded him that Viona was a pretender to the throne, but Lycan reasoned that, since Set-Ra had disappeared, he'd abandoned his people, and his replacement by an elected Empress was justified. Lycan also called out the Eagle King on his hypocrisy, since "Erdrik" himself was an impostor who took over a tribe. With the Eagle, Wolf, and Crocodile forces unrelenting, Lycan joined the battle, on the side of the Phoenix. As Lycor commanded the Lion Fleet to protect the "grounded" isles from the Crocs, Lycan helped the Phoenix defend the floating central isles from the Eagles' and Wolves' aircraft. As the dogfight continued, Lycan singled out Erdrik's jet, requesting that the Phoenix help him surround it.

Last Stand[]

Determined to capture and unmask the false Eagle King to show the Eagles, Wolves and Crocs that they were following a deceiver, Lycan had his airship pursue Erdrik's jet. Stating that he'd given "Erdrik" a chance to surrender, Lycan fired missiles at the jet, finally downing it. Lycan dived down into the smoke to recover and unmask the false king to his comrades, regardless of whether he'd survived. However, there was then an explosion behind Lycan, and he turned to see his adversary jump into the command room of the airship. The Eagle King rapidly launched fire chi-heated knives from gauntlets on his wrists, striking all of the crew including Lycan. Lycan deduced correctly that his enemy had a trapdoor built into the seat of his jet, so that he could fly out from under the jet and hide in the smoke as he boarded the airship. The Eagle King explained that he'd swallowed an orb of regular chi (which was why he'd taken Erdrik's mask off) in addition to his plugged fire chi to gain extra power, and destroyed the engine of Lycan's ship. Though he didn't know the gryphon, Lycan's belief that "Erdrik" was an impostor had now been confirmed as he saw the Eagle King's lion face. Galvanor put Erdrik's mask back on and flew out of the airship, and Lycan stated that it was up to Lycor, Lyrix, or anyone else to stop the false king, as his airship exploded and fell into the ocean.

Appearance, Gear, and Traits[]

Appearance: Standard Lion Elder.

Gear: One of the maChi guns that Lyrix used to wield (doesn't usually have it with him), and a Golden Valious sword.

Traits: Lycan is clever, wise, and usually diplomatic. He is a by-the-books Lion Elder, fully committed to the Lion Tribe and the perpetuation of its rules and traditions, and dedicated to keeping the peace his ancestors had fought for. Focused on the maintaining of order, Lycan is heavily Law-aligned, in a stark contrast to his Chaos-aligned son, Lyrix. Having developed trust issues as a result of his own son's betrayal of the Lion Tribe, Lycan is skeptical, distrustful almost to the point of paranoia, and takes a long time to become at all friendly toward anyone he meets. While he'd put all that aside in order to create the Chima Alliance, Lycan's trust issues returned when he heard that the Eagles and Crocodiles had sided with the Crawler Empire during the war he'd missed, and the presence of chaotic and "out of control" factions such as Lyrix' Pirates and the Forgotten, which existed outside of Chima's tribes and established status quo, worried Lycan. As such, he started to become antagonistic to those in Chima who weren't as Law-aligned as he believed the Lion Tribe was.

However, these traits would prove to be beneficial as well. Lycan was the first (and only) person to immediately realize that the current "Erdrik" was not who he said he was, long before Galvanor's true identity was revealed to everyone else. Because of this, Lycan had already started to formulate a plan to defeat and expose the false Eagle King, which was extremely close to being successful, had it not been for Galvanor barely managing to get aboard Lycan's airship and assassinate the Supreme Regent during their final standoff in the sky.


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  • Lycan's conflicts with the Scorpion Consuls and Scordon Freeman over the custody of Scorm was originally meant to set up a war for the Chima Alliance, against either Unichi or the Forgotten. However, neither of these conflicts came to occur, and the version of the Second Chima Civil War that did end up happening in the Roleplay was, ironically, declared after Lycan's death.
  • Lycan's theme:

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