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(Quoted from the Outlands topic, by JGREAD)

In the far West of Chima, a savage, untamed wilderness exists. Just next to the Great Desert, the Outlands are the most dangerous region in the realm. Deep underground, ancient tunnels lead out from The Gorge of Eternal Depth and into the Outlands. Home to creepy fogs, mysterious substances, and monstrous creature-eating plants, the Outlands are only visited by the bravest of explorers.



(Excerpted from the Black Mountain page) About a thousand years before the Roleplay, the Great Earthquake occurred. Just as it caused Mount Cavora to rise from the ground, the massive quake also caused Black Mountain to be split off from the other Outland Mountains, as the tectonic plate below it slid southeast. A gaping hole was left where Black Mountain had been originally, revealing rich soil that had previously been hidden beneath the mountain. The soil spilled out and onto the barren landscape to the east. Soon, rivers caused by the earthquake poured through the mountains and into the soil, creating a huge jungle to the east of the mountains. This was the origin of the Outlands.


After Bliston discovered the underground tunnels linking the Gorge to the Outlands, the Bats, Scorpions, and Spiders divided into tribes by species and each conquered a third of the Outlands. The strange, partially-abandoned town of Corvidholme had been built in bat territory by the Ravens before the conquering by plant-selling by Black Overwatch but Bliston allowed it to remain intact, since it had barely any residents. Meanwhile, both arachnid tribes created underground caverns beneath their jungle territory, but unlike the scorpions, the spiders rarely ever went aboveground, causing their existence to be obscure to many of the inland tribes. Later, when the bats and scorpions officially allied and formed the Crawler Empire, their territory became shared, which means two-thirds of the Outlands are Crawler Empire land. At one point, a colony of Wolves moved into spider territory, but the spiders did not act or react to this. The wolves intentionally set fire to the portion of the jungle in spider land, but the spiders themselves were all underground, and were not affected by this. It is unknown if the spiders became angry at the wolves for the fire, but they most likely did not, as everything the spiders built and lived in was beneath the surface.