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The peacocks are a species in Chima. They are birds with long necks and large tail feathers with elaborate, colorful patterns. The peacocks are capable of flight, but only for short distances (as a gliding wing) at a time.


The peacocks evolved from the same avian ancestors as the Eagles, Ravens, and Vultures. At the time of the First Great Illumination of 1,000 BR, the peacocks drank chi, and were evolved into smarter, humanoid beings. At some point soon after the Lion Tribe claimed the territory of Mount Cavora, the newly formed Peacock Tribe allied with the Lions.

Tiger—Lion War[]

When Emperor Tenebrae declared war on the Lion Tribe in the year 995 BR, the Peacocks joined the defense of their allies' territory. However, over the course of the war, the Tigers decimated the Peacock Tribe, drastically reducing the species' population as a whole. The remaining peacocks helped Lyron and tiger revolutionaries overthrow Tenebrae in 992 BR, ending the war. The Tiger and Lion tribes signed a peace treaty following the war, but the remaining peacocks were left scattered.

Minor Tribes[]

In 50 BR, the remaining peacocks joined with the remaining Skunks, Foxes, and Beavers to form a multi-species tribe in the northern inland, below The Iron Mountains. At the time of the RP, the Minor Tribes joined with the Lions, Wolves, Gorillas, Ravens, and Bears to form the Chima Alliance, though the Minor Tribes didn't directly participate in the Chima Alliance—Crawler Empire War. Later, the Wolves and Gorillas left the Chima Alliance. During the Fire—Ice War, the Minor Tribes HQ was attacked by the Sabertooth Tigers' navy, and the Ice Hunters began to freeze the Minor Tribes' territory. However, Petricoff (a former member of the Pirates of the West Sea) arrived with fire chi from the Phoenix, so the Minor Tribes were able to hold off the attacking exiles. They are currently defending their town from the Ice Hunters.


  • Percival - Leader at the time of the RP
  • Petricoff - Descendant of the original Peacock leader
  • Dom de La Woosh I Famous World-class Racer, and somewhat of an ambassador to the Peacocks.
  • Dom de La Woosh II Son of the late Dom de La Woosh, and high-class resident within the Minor tribes.