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The most well-known pirate crew in Chima, despite having only ravaged The West Sea for 1 year before the RP. The pirates were created by JGREAD to play a larger role in the Fire Vs. Ice storyline.


1 year before the events of the Roleplay, Lyrix's small army of exiled Crocodiles and Lions came into conflict with Gibbs' criminal 'fleet' of pirate ships. Lyrix had been driven from the mainland, but not before his crocs stole 6 croc command ships, all of which were destroyed during their clashes with Gibbs' faction during the year. Gibbs also lost all of his ships, and most of his remaining crew members joined the crew of Lyrix, who had used the Ice Bear Fleet Device to rapidly build a new pirate ship, The Exile. Lyrix threatened Gibbs and persuaded him to join him as his First Mate, but before Lyrix could rapidly build an enormous fleet with the device, it was taken and destroyed by Lycor, leaving Lyrix with one ship.

Fall and Rise[]

At the time of the RP, some of the newly-evolved Scorpions and Spiders approached Lyrix to join his crew, and he readily agreed. Later, Lyrix took advantage of the drainage of chi from Mount Cavora to enact several raids on chi-deprived settlements, such as The Lion Pastures. However, on its way out from the successful raid, The Exile was attacked and destroyed by five ships from the Lion Fleet. Lyrix and most of his pirates escaped on rowboats with their loot. Later, Lyrix and his pirates boarded and took over a bear exploration ship. The bears either walked the plank or joined the crew. Lyrix named this replacement ship The Sea Slicer.

Named Members[]

  • Captain Lyrix
  • First Mate Gibbs