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The Raven Civil War erupted in the Raven Tribe 3 years before the events of the Roleplay when Rawlin took over the HQ, and the Wings Row Monarchy was resurrected by Prince Razic and Queen Rica to remove Talon Industries' authority over the Ravens. Rawlin, leader of Talon Industries at the time, set out to demolish this faction so his Tribe could be united, and therefore strong, when they attacked Eagle Spire. Eventually, Rawlin tossed the WRM situation out the window and launched his attack plan on the Eagles. His reasons for wanting to eliminate the WRM faction evidenced themselves to be accurate as the WRM ravens came to stop Rawlin's efforts. After the battle and Rawlin's disappearance and assumed death, the Wing's Row Monarchy grew to power over the main Raven Tribe, ending the Raven Civil War. Later, New Talon Industries came to fruition and now reigns over the Raven Tribe in the Iron Mountains.


Major Battles[]

  • Battle of Raven HQ (3 BR)—Combatants: Raven Tribe/WRM, Rawlin's rebel Ravens/TI
  • Battle of WRM HQ (3 BR)—Combatants: WRM, TI
  • Battle of Eagle Spire (PR)—Combatants: Eagles, Lions, TI, WRM, Bats*|**
  • Third Battle of Raven HQ (PR)—Combatans: WRM, TI, Bats, Scorpions**

Minor Battles[]

  • Battle of the WRM Outpost (3 BR)—Combatants: WRM, Lions, Bounty Hunters
  • Second Battle of Raven HQ (2 BR)—Combatants: WRM, TI
  • Battle of the Bear Cave (PR)—Combatants: WRM, TI, Bears*

*These are also considered battles in the Chima Civil War.

**These are also considered battles in the Bat—Raven War


  • Raven HQ taken over by Rawlin (3 BR).
  • Lysandre Labs destroyed by WRM, Lysandre presumed dead (3 BR).
  • Old Raven Tribe outposts kept under WRM control, and eventually all destroyed (3 BR).
  • WRM replacement HQ destroyed (3 BR).
  • Raven HQ bombed and damaged by WRM (2 BR).
  • Raven HQ rebuilt and recreated from the ground up by Rawlin (1 BR-PR).
  • Raven HQ partially retaken by WRM (PR).
  • MMSC destroyed by the Bats (PR).
  • Raven HQ destroyed by the Bats (PR).
  • Remnants of TI becoming the Raven Resistance, but merging with WRM remnants and Forgotten (PR).