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(Note: This page is for the RP incarnation of Razar. You may be looking for the Razar of the TV series canon.)

Razar is a canon Chima character adapted into the Roleplay continuity by Thefirstdecade. He was the last king of the Ravens before Rawlin took over the tribe, starting the Raven Civil War. Now possessing an eagle’s body, he’s been wanting to make peace for a while, and has not laid to rest, as he refuses his death.


Early Life[]

Razar and his sister, Rica, were born to Raven King Rawzome and an unknown queen, 44 years before the events of the Roleplay. Razar grew up as royalty in Raven HQ, at the time unaware of his sister's existence. Rawzome set up the siblings' marriage when they came of age, in order to keep the Wings Row Monarchy bloodline pure. As an act of selfishness, Rawzome had made sure to separate them at age 5, to make sure they didn’t know they came from the same father. They eventually found out, however.

Gorilla Civil War[]

In the year 28 BR, a young and already combat-trained Prince Razar agreed to ally with Genghis Khan's faction, against the new Gorilla government. As Rawzome and Rica continued leading the Ravens in The Great Desert, Razar took the Raven Army to Gorilla HQ to fight alongside Kahn's forces and the Rhinos. However, by the 10th of December, 28 BR, Razar and Ryloth entered Kahn's office, where Razar announced that, if Kahn's empire did not show signs of regaining land by December 24th, the Raven Prince would remove his forces from the war and Gorilla lands. Kahn reaffirmed Razar's trust in his gorillas by that time, but on January 15th, Razar's own forces were ambushed at their outpost in Guernica. Razar was defeated and captured by Franz Conrad August Von Hotzendorf. At some point after the Gorilla Civil War, Razar was either released from Gorilla Republic captivity, escaped, or was bailed out by his family. And being the Prince of thieves, he obviously most likely took the middle option.

Time between Wars[]

At some point, Rawzome retired from his position as the Raven King in an act “for the future of the tribe”, and Razar and Rica were coronated as King and Queen. Razar and Rica's (secretly) incestuous relationship resulted in the birth of Prince Razic, at some point around twenty years before the RP; Rica's blood relation to Razar was kept secret to anyone outside of the family, but at some point, the Raven Royal Family met a young Lion soldier named Lyrix, who became close friends with Rica. In 8 BR, the Wings Row Monarchy grew suspicious of Rawlin and his company, Talon Industries, which King Razar believed represented increasing factionalism within the Raven Tribe. In 7 BR, Razar hired Crexar and his crew of bounty hunters to investigate Rawlin and round up any anti-monarchy ravens. However, Crexar and his team disappeared following the assignment, and Razar did not hear back from them, his attempts at communicating with the mercenaries unsuccessful.

Assassination and Resurrection[]

In January of 3 BR, Razar was assassinated in some way by Erlin, so that her son Rawlin could takeover the Raven Tribe. At the time of the Roleplay, Razar's Chi Ghost was summoned by his son with one of the Gorillas' Chi Ghost concoctions. In order to physically help Rica, Razic, and the WRM Ravens (now part of The Forgotten) in their current conflict, Razar's ghost went with Razic to Eagle territory, and possessed the body of an unconscious eagle. After Edessa Cubbage helped the revived Razar and his son escape the Imperial blockade of the region, Razar and Razic ventured south, where they joined a team of Forgotten, who'd infiltrated the also Imperial-allied Crocodile Swamp. The secret Forgotten camp in the region was ambushed by Black Overwatch forces soon after, and the Forgotten team was scattered. Razar was separated from Razic and the others, and the Forgotten lost contact with him; Razar did not attend Razic, Rica, and Rhiala Reone's subsequent rendezvous in Rawlin's unfinished Raven HQ replica town, as he was lost somewhere in the swamps...

New Home[]

Razar eventually returned to the action when he caught up with Razic on the way to The Iron Mountains. Razic explained on the way that he'd just had chance encounters with both Rawzome and Lyrix, though to the Prince's surprise, Razar had already known that the former had faked his death three years prior, since Rawzome's spirit had never appeared within the Chi Ghost Realm. After flying to the current Raven HQ in the mountains, the former New Talon Industries tower, Razar and his son finally talked to Rica again via radio. They told her about Rawzome, and how he was bizarrely trying to kill Razic now. Rica affirmed that she'd protect her son from her father at all costs, and recapped them on current events, explaining how she'd established the New Razarian Monarchy after retaking full control over the Raven Tribe, and was currently fighting the Sabertooth Tigers at the Minor Tribes HQ.


Razar and Razic boarded a Raven Raider to fly to Rica's location, but ended up meeting her atop a mountain when she was on her way back to the HQ. Glad to see her husband again, Rica told them more about the state of the Chima Alliance and the Forgotten, both of whom the Ravens were allied with. While happy about his return to kingship and the "profitable" war with the Ice Hunters, Razar began to notice how his own soul, and the soul of the eagle he'd possessed, were in conflict for control over the body. Soon after this, the Royal Family received their invitation from "Erdrik" (secretly Galvanor) to a Tribal Summit in the Bats' embassy atop Mount Cavora.

The Tribal Summit[]

Along with Rica, Razar made a fashionably late arrival to the meeting, by way of crashing through the embassy's window. There, Razar finally met prominent tribe leaders he hadn't had the chance to meet before, such as Bliston, Leodus, Vamprah, Lycan, Viona, Malgus II, Craunus Maximus, and Calloran Fen. Rex commented about Razar's presence upon his arrival, subsequently confirming the Raven King's resurrection to the people of Chima. Razar stayed mostly silent during the meeting, even as Rica shot down Leodus' proposition for a strategic Forgotten-Sabertooth alliance, and Lycan and Leodus called the Forgotten out on their apparent hypocrisy. Razar also learned of the Fire Wing Harnesses at the Summit. Despite "Erdrik" explaining that the purpose of the meeting was to unite as many tribes as possible against the Manta Ray Empire, nothing of the sort was achieved, and the Summit ended on an uncertain (and for the Ravens/Forgotten, startling) note as Lycan and "Erdrik" stormed off due to their irreparable differences in opinion, and the former declared war on the "dangerous" Forgotten. Razar then left the Summit along with the other tribe leaders and representatives, flying out of the embassy with Rica.

Appearance, Gear, and Traits[]

Razar stands at 6’9”, taller than his wife/sister and their child. His wing span at maximum is an impressive 12 feet.

  • Raven Appearance: (Exactly as you see in the infobox. When he was prince, he wore silver shoulder-blades. When he became king, he wore golden shoulder-plates that looked like wings.)
    • Eagle Appearance: Wearing typical forgotten Grunt Attire, sporting an shoddily-dyed lavender beanie, his feather-coloring is an deep brown, almost black in appearance. His wings have white blotches on them, and his dyed feather-markings on his head are purple. His eyes are the same golden-orange, and his beak is a noticeable grey. These changes have happened over time ever since he possessed this body, and has since been deemed immortal as well by himself, with evidence that he can’t get sick, nor does he age now.
  • Personality: Razar's personality in the Chima Roleplay continuity remains unchanged from his canon personality in the Chima TV series during his years as leader. Ever since he was brought back from the dead, he’s been vengeful and spiteful of Rawlin, and the Combine as well. He still loves Rica as a sibling, and Razic as his inbred child. Now that he's possessed an eagle's body, however, Razar's soul has started to come into conflict with that of the eagle, each vying for control over the body.
  • Gear: When he was a monarch, he wielded the royal Slashersket that Rawzome gave to him. Alongside that, he also wielded a Thundax as his primary, with a Bulwark as his shield. Both weapons were lost when he died, with the Slashersket now in the hands of the alive Rawzome. Now a Forgotten Eagle, he wields a signature standard issue MChi-7 sub-maCHIne gun, and a signature standard “Krowbar” as he calls it, painted in a grey and lavender scheme.