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Also known as the PhoenixMammoth War, the length and exact year(s) of this conflict are unknown, but it's an important chapter in Chima's timeline, as it resulted in another Great Illumination.


  • The Lions refusing to help the White Lioness and her son after they were separated from the other Sabertooth Tigers and White Lions.
  • King Finglor marching with the Sabertoothes and Mammoths to destroy the Lions for revenge.



  • Gain the alliance of the mammoths to help them destroy the lions.
  • Destroy Lion City, even if Mount Cavora is destroyed in the process.


  • Help the sabertoothes in their war with the lions.


  • Enlist the help of the Phoenix to save Cavora from the attack.
  • Protect their city for as long as possible.


  • Kickstart a Great Illumination if damage to Cavora becomes imminent.


(See the Second Great Illumination page.)


(Originally posted by Shamrock7203 on the "Saber Mountain (Sabertooth HQ)" topic.)

During the storm that scattered the tribe as they returned to their home from the Forever Rock after the wedding of Prince Finglor and the White Lioness, the King perished and the Princess and her son almost starved to death. After the tribe regrouped, King Finglor declared war on the Lions due to their refusal to help his wife and infant son, who nearly starved because of it. He marshaled their armies and marched forth, crushing all resistance. One by one, the Lion settlements fell, and their armies retreated in disarray. They withdrew to their city, hoping that the walls would avail them where all else had failed. As the Lion Gate was blasted into oblivion, a great light shone from the Temple of the Phoenix, and all was undone.

(This war led directly into the events of the Second Great Illumination.)