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After the First Great Illumination of 1,000 BR, the Phoenix used their powers to create either eight or nine Fire Wing Harnesses capable of kickstarting another Illumination if necessary. The harnesses were eventually used at some point over 128 years before the events of the Roleplay, at the immediate end of the Sabertooth Tiger—Lion War.


  • The Phoenix growing intimidated by the Mammoths, due to that tribe's growing magic powers.
  • The Sabertooth and Mammoth attack on Lion City putting Mount Cavora in danger.


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As the Lion Gate was blasted into oblivion, a great light shone from the Temple of the Phoenix, and all was undone. The City of Lions was rebuilt in a new way to accommodate the Chi Falls, and a curse was laid upon the Kingdom of the Sabretooth. Almost the entire tribe was rendered unable to leave the cavern in which they were imprisoned, trapped in a massive orb of self-replenishing ice.

Immediate Results[]

  • Mount Cavora is ripped from the surface, floating into the sky to protect it from future ground attacks.
  • The sabertooths and mammoths are blasted into the Arctic, and trapped in the north by a curse- This is to prevent the sabertoothes from hunting the lions to extinction, and to prevent the mammoths' magic from posing a threat to Chima.
  • The mammoths with magic capabilities, and all the sabertoothes on the surface of Chima, are frozen in ice; the curse infuses all of them, including the non-frozen mammoths, with ice powers as an aftereffect.

Results in the Aftermath[]

  • As an unavoidable side effect of using the Fire Wing Harnesses, all of the harnesses dissapear after their bearers fly into Cavora.
  • The harnesses are scattered, each teleported to a different part of the continent; sometime later, Senix finds one of them in the Northern Outland Mountains, and destroys it with his own magic powers in order to prevent another Illumination.
  • Over 100 years later, at the time of the Crawler—Ice Hunter War, the members of the Stinger Brotherhood used their combined fire chi and inner chi to temporarily tap into the lingering energy from the Second Great Illumination, breifly utilizing it in a battle with the Brotherhood of Vultures in The Great Desert.