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The skunks are a species in Chima. They are an unusual mammal who, when in danger, emit a semi-gaseous anal spray that disorients opponents with its scent. This natural defense mechanism, however, worked more effectively before the skunks and the other inland species were evolved into smarter beings.


The skunks evolved into larger, humanoid beings when they drank chi, at the time of the First Great Illumination of 1,000 BR. Little to nothing is known after that of the skunks' history and original tribe, but they became endangered at some point.

Minor Tribes[]

The skunks' leader at the time of 50 BR, Skinnet, founded the Minor Tribes with Furtivo the fox, uniting the remaining Skunks, Foxes, Beavers, and Peacocks. At the time of the RP, the Minor Tribes joined with the Lions, Wolves, Gorillas, Ravens, and Bears to form the Chima Alliance, though the Minor Tribes didn't directly participate in the Chima Alliance—Crawler Empire War. Later, the Wolves and Gorillas left the Chima Alliance. During the Fire—Ice War, the Minor Tribes HQ was attacked by the Sabertooth Tigers' navy, and the Ice Hunters began to freeze the Minor Tribes' territory. However, Petricoff (a former member of the Pirates of the West Sea) arrived with fire chi from the Phoenix, so the Minor Tribes were able to hold off the attacking exiles. Despite this, Skinnet fled the HQ with his daughter. The other skunks are currently defending their town from the invaders.


  • Skinnet - Leader from 50-43 BR
  • Skunkeltia - Skinnet's daughter