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Tredd is a fox, and a member of the Minor Tribes of Chima. He is an RPC created by BatonMaster500.


Early Life[]

Tredd came to the Minor Tribes HQ in the year 38 BR, two years after his brother, Klark, came and began leading the Minor Tribes. Tredd became blood brothers with two friends he'd made in the Minor Tribes, foxes Traxx and Fluxx. Tredd also became the leader of the Minor Tribes' force of Ninjas.

New Leaders and Alliances[]

After Klark departed the town to search for the Icebear Shipbuilding Device in 10 BR, Traxx took over the Minor Tribes in his place, and Tredd's rank remained the same. At the time of the Roleplay, after the Minor Tribes stayed out of the Chima Civil War, Tredd was an active member of the Chima Alliance, managing relations between the now partnered Lion, Gorilla, Wolf, Bear, Raven, and Minor Tribes. Later, Fluxx departed from the Minor Tribes HQ, going on a personal expedition north, into The Iron Mountains. During the Crawler—Ice Hunter War, Tredd saw his brother's body taken into the Minor Tribes town, and learned that Klark had been killed by the Bats after betraying and assassinating Grand Admiral Balthazar, who Klark had started working for. Tredd urged Traxx to never ally with the Bat Tribe.


Later, during the Fire—Ice War, the Sabertooth Tigers attacked the Minor Tribes HQ. When Petricoff arrived from the Phoenix Islands with fire chi, Tredd and the other Minor Tribes soldiers powered up, now able to fight the Ice Hunters. As the others defended the HQ, Tredd took his ninja forces into the forest to the east of the town, where the Sabertoothes had already gained a territorial foothold. Tredd and the ninjas took out many of the sabertooth foot soldiers in the forest, before being ambushed by what appeared to be an undead white fox, allied with the Sabertoothes. After the Arctic fox killed a ninja, he briefly dueled Tredd, who, upon analyzing the Ice Hunter fox's fighting style, recognized him as Fluxx. Tredd refused to fight his blood brother, who promptly struck him down. Since Tredd had fire chi plugged, Fluxx's sword killed him instead of freezing him.

Appearance and Gear[]

(Originally posted by BatonMaster500 on the "Chima Archives - Character Profiles" topic.)

Appearance: Grey fox with a black ninja outfit.

Weapons & Gear: Katana, shirukens, smoke grenades, etc.


Tredd's theme song: (Original song by Studio Ghibli. Guitar Version by Duyen Huynh on YT)


Path of the wind - Totoro OST (Guitar version)