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"And for this next trick my subjects! You shall see your king rise from the ashes and be reborn like our allies, the Pheonix!! Just all of you watch and wait!!!"

-Tristram's last words before making the move that'll turn him into Pantharez Coroso.

"The snow and ground beneath my feet will be painted red by the time I get done with these foolish Ice Hunters and annoying bugs! ...if they even spill any mortal blood at all..."

- Pantharez Coroso's thoughts on the Arachnid Alliance and Hunters Fighting.

King Tristram Tigré, Legion Leader of the Orange and Black Legion, Is a character made by Thefirstdecade, and is leader of the Tiger Tribe, being known for his early years before the RP as a Court Jester, Tristram is a rather peculiar tiger, more oddball and stranger than Lavertus on his more weirder tangents. His personality is all happy and cheery, sure he can be somewhat of deadpan and seriousness, but he's mostly silly and fun. But after his accident involving a strange invention called the toolgun [1] and being overly hyper [2], he's now turned into the mysterious black cat that all call "Pantharez Coroso"...

And has since forgotten his past after a rough landing after an explosion sent him high in the air...



Although it is hard to detail when he was actually born, sources do say he was born around 600 BR, where his father and Mother were at the time, rulers of the kingdom they had, making sure there won't be too much of Tenebrae's influence any time soon. As such, they had noticed the kingdom was getting a bit dull here and there, sure there has been a couple scuffles here and there, but there was... just no entertainment! No life! There was just grayness and dull flames, how could measly fire just entertain these bored tigers!?

Well, since Tristram became of age, he had signed up to become a court jester ever since the last one was just pleasing only royalty and nobility, he'd wanted to please EVERYONE he met just by sheer silliness alone! (and this often stemmed from the rather hilarious things he did when he was young, playing pranks here and there on about everyone, even his own parents!) However, from the day he’d been choosen to lead the tribe when his father was getting old, Tristram would jump on this opportunity ASAP, ready to bring an powerful renaissance to the tribe. An rebirth of the dull bored tigers. And boy did Tristram did it in style once he was inaugurated.

The Black and Orange Renaissance[]

Within the first years of his reign, Tristram handed out major gifts and preparations and invitations to many of his nobles to set up an massive celebration for all social classes to enjoy. If anything, these parties took many years to develop, and the people of the tribe were just so anticipating each and every one, giving the tribe such intense high morale. Everybody waited for the next “Bonanzestiaarty” (an word made up by Tristram that combines “Bonanza”, “Fiesta”, and “Party”) to happen. Well often at times, the Tiger Military were party-poopers that Tristram made them out to be, as they wanted Tristram to stop acting like an childish fool, and run his tribe with tenacity and strength, and to give unity through power. Not parties.

But the seemingly liberal tiger had all the right to keep the ever-loving partys going and to keep his people happy with peace and laughter. But if push comes to shove, then the Military HAD to intervene. By giving him a "special medication" (Concerta in a sense), to help him "run his country better", they effectively kept those parties down, but not by alot, instead of one seemingly every few weeks, it was one a month or so apart. The people of the Tiger Tribe quieted down, and the Renaissance ended, when the large slumber of the Leopards, Tigers, and Pheonix happened.

Thousand or so year later? I can't keep track of the timeline![]

It had been a long while since they were last heard of, if anything, they had been seemingly taken into the same slumber that befell the leopards and the Pheonix, but as tensions began to stumble and lean in Chima, the Tigers arose back in fiery fury!!

But awoken a little later than the leopards, they awoke to the sound of a Strange Voice which had startled the King, causing the tribe to be awoken from the mountain of snow which they slumbered in, to be destroyed to reveal the Orange and Black City of the Tiger. And coming from a rather rude awakening, Tristam verbally assaulted whomever said such a thing to "Rise and Shine" before his 2IC, Titus calmed him down. There Leopards have came down to inspect the reawakening of the Tigers, lead by Leodus but as due to old world issues as probably misinformed propaganda from Tristram himself, the Tigers shoo'ed away the Leopards, with leodus wondering what went on with them. Probably a long slumber has left them unknowing to the world. With Tristram informing his 2IC that he's not good with making decisions himself.

After a breif incident of Tristram's tail catching on fire, trying to shrug it off as a magic trick, he decides to make the call to explore inland chima, or as far as they can get through all the outland mountains and such. "just to warn them of impending doom they must prepare for!" [3]

But off somewhere else, a young tiger known as Kai begins to get trained by Titus, after that training is done finishing, titus comes to a preoccupied Tristram in order to alert him a time of war has come, and Tristram is a bit upset by this sudden news, but tries to hold a straight face whilst in doing so. If that wasn't enough, a couple lone Combine City Scanners come floating from up the outlands in order to survey this new area that suddenly appeared. Any Scanners that attempt to scout the Tiger City are quickly shot down, or used as target practice, or both. [4] Thus denying the Interdimensional Empire any valuable information for the Legion's power-source, Fire Chi.

One was brought over to Tristram to investigate But being advised that something was awry when Titus had said something about this war beginning suddely threw him into fainted coma-like state, thus bringing Tristram's Wife, Legioness Trilight into the fold of being a temporary leader along with Titus for support. Wishing to him on his bed that: "By Cavora i hope you have my back, Titus..." Which BatonMaster500 asks Thefirstdecade a question of "What are our forces", for which Decade replied, "I dunno, havent made em yet!" [5]

Encounter with the Chi Man[]