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The wings row monarchy was the main ruling monarchy that ruled over the Raven tribe, until the Raven Civil War.


It is unknown how the Wings Row Monarchy started, but its last known kings were Rawzome and Razar (One deceased, the other said to be alive still). It's last known leading figures were Queen Rica were and Prince Razic. Eight years before the RP, the Wings Row Monarchy began to grow suspicious of Rawlin and his company, suspecting correctly that they were planning a coup. A year later, Razar hired Crexar and his crew of bounty hunters to hunt down and round up any anti-Monarchy ravens, only for Rawlin to discover this and ambush the crew, capturing every bounty hunter except Crexar. Because of this, Rawlin was able to unite all the anti-Monarchy ravens and continue with his plan. Three years BR, Razar and Rawzome were both (presumably for the latter) assassinated, though the assassinations didn't actually have to do with Rawlin's planned coup; they were a result of Erlin's plan. Rica suspected Rawlin of the deaths, and attacked him. Since Rawlin was already planning to takeover the Raven tribe anyway, he in turn launched an attack on Rica, Razic, and the Raven capital. A civil war between WRM and Rawlin's company, Talon Industries, resulted from this.

WRM—TI War[]

(See the Raven Civil War page for a summary)

Chima Civil War[]

At the time of the RP, the Raven Civil War continued as Rica and Razic helped fight Rawlin's attacking forces at Eagle Spire. Eventually, this led into the start of the Bat—Raven War, which finally ended the ravens' three-year conflict; after the Bats defeated Rawlin and TI in the skies, the scattered TI remnants regrouped in Raven HQ, only for the WRM Ravens to fight them there in one final battle. The Raven Civil War was brought to a complete close when Bliston purposely crashed the bomb-loaded MMSC into Raven HQ, destroying the HQ and all of the TI ravens there. Afterward, the WRM forces left the Great Desert, but were wearily followed by the TI remnants who hadn't returned to Raven HQ.

Migration, and rebirth within The Forgotten[]

The remaining members of both raven tribes migrated into the Iron Mountains. Since the Raven species was now semi-endangered, both sides realized that it was imperative to unite as one. After returning Rica from the custody of Lysandre, WRM stopped being a monarchy (out in public) and some merged with the TI remnants, most fled to The Forgotten, Being Razic and Rica, where the Monarchy was slowly reforming by Rica's sheer will under the cover of the Trihex...


  • Rawzome (Alive after an aparrent death)
  • Razar (Alive, possesses an body of an eagle)
  • Rezin (Deceased)
  • Rica (Formerly, Queen of the Forgotten Version of the WRM)
  • Razic (Formerly, King of the Forgotten Version of the WRM)
  • Captian Razalac (Formerly)
  • Rex (Formerly)