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Wolves are members of the canine family, and often travel in groups. They are primarily affiliated in The Wolf Tribe.

Physical and Mental Attributes[]

Wolves are predators, and behave as such. They enjoy war, battles, fights, competition, etc. Thus many of the Wolves have scars and minor injuries in one place or another. They are strong and swift. They bear claws on their paws, see in the dark, and have enhanced senses, such as hearing and smell. She-wolfs can have four-to-six pups at a time and often at times are tasked with engineering and mechanical jobs within the tribes.

Wolves can be hot tempered or charismatic. Those who dedicate themselves to battle are rather dim-witted. But in general, they are a proud warrior people. Their main strength is their coordination - members of the Wolf Tribe can function seamlessly enough to make others think that they share one mind. 


Like most of the other tribes, the Wolves evolved from the Chi. All the Wolves have since been members of the Wolf Tribe.